How To Fold A Pocket Square

What we love about pocket squares is their versatility and how the different colours and textures can totally transform the look of a jacket. How you fold a pocket square determines whether it adds a subtle accent, or can be a flamboyant addition of colour which becomes the focal point of your outfit. Below we’ve set out some of our favourite folds, from the simple Puff fold through to more complex folds, such as the Dunaway.

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 The Flat Fold

Flat Fold - Pocket Square

The One Point Fold

One Point Fold - Pocket Square

The Puff Fold

Puff Fold - Pocket Square

The Two Point Fold

Two Point Fold - Pocket Square

The Dunaway Fold

Dunaway Fold - Pocket Square

The Double Point Roll

Double Point Roll - Pocket Square

The Four Mountains Fold

Four Mountains Fold - Pocket Square

The Four Point Fold

Four Point Fold - Pocket Square

The Four Point Crown

Four Point Crown - Pocket Square

The Three Point Fold

3 Point Fold - Pocket Square

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