The Stairs Fold

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The Stairs Fold is an elegant looking fold that although looks like it could be quite complex, is actually relatively simple to master and gives a very clean, crisp finish to your jacket.

Ideally, you want to use a pocket square that has some pattern on it so that it provides a nice differentiation on the stairs.

The Stairs Fold Step 1

Step 1.

Firstly start by laying out your pocket square in a diamond shape in front of you. Then, using your thumb and forefinger, take a point on either side around a third of the way towards the top.


Step 2.

Now fold this up towards the top point.

The Stairs Fold Step 3

Step 3.

Next, repeat the process by taking the central points on the left and right and creating a second fold that you lay on top of the first fold but approximately 1cm lower. 

The Stairs Fold Step 4

Step 4.

Now repeat the process by creating three distinct folds.

The Stairs Fold Step 5

Step 5.

Now pinch the pocket square in the middle with your thumb and forefinger and lift it up, then fold it in half vertically.

The Stairs Fold Step 6

Step 6.

To make it easier, lay it back down in front of you.

The Stairs Fold Step 7

Step 7.

Lifting the left-hand side fold the excess fabric behind the square.

The Stairs Fold Step 8

Step 8.

Then on the right side fold the fabric underneath so that it is now the width of the breast pocket.

The Stairs Fold Step 9

Step 9.

Then pick up the square and fold the fabric at the bottom up underneath the fold and hold it tightly in place.

The Stairs Fold Jacket

Step 10.

Finally, place it in the pocket, adjust the stairs so that they are even and finish with a nice sharp point on the top.


Black-Throated Blue Warbler

Black-Throated Blue Warbler

The pocket square used in this folding guide is the Black-Throated Blue Warbler inspired by a sketch from John James Audubon. It can be viewed here: Black-Throated Blue Warbler

See our full collection of pocket squares here: Pocket Square Store

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