Our Sustainability Ethos


Here at Rampley & Co, sustainability is a core driving force behind our brand and has become a key pillar across everything we do, from the clothes we make to the way we package and deliver your selection. It is something Simon and I (the Co-Founders) are truly passionate about and we intend to record and update you with the steps we’re taking, making sure you’re holding us responsible for the promises we make to you.

First and foremost, we believe in producing high quality, sustainably made and environmentally responsible garments. Gone are the days when we used to load up on cheap fast fashion with an emphasis on quantity over quality. This notion has been flipped on its head and now the term sustainability is at the forefront of our minds whenever we consider our next purchase. It’s about having a conscience and being socially responsible. Instead of buying cheap clothing in bulk that’s produced unethically, we want our community to buy less - making considered choices of items that you know you will cherish forever. 

What is "Sustainable Fashion"?

"Sustainable" fashion refers to garments that have been made in a way that is mindful of the many environmental issues the fashion industry touches upon. When it comes to sustainability and fashion, there are four main considerations: 

  1. Water consumption and contamination (high levels are not only consumed in the production of clothing, but also when we wash our clothes)
  2. Energy emissions (high use of energy in the production of synthetic fabrics, for example, and in the washing, drying and ironing of our clothes)
  3. Chemical usage (fertilisers and pesticides used in the production of raw materials like cotton)
  4. Waste creation (the levels of textiles that are incinerated or sent to landfills are enormous).  

You can read all about sustainability in the fashion industry in our blog post here: What Does Sustainable Clothing Actually Mean?

How are we pushing sustainability?

We have a number of areas we’re addressing at the moment to increase our sustainability credentials and improve our overall environmental impact.

1. ‘An End to Fast Fashion’

Clothing Built to Last

We’ve always believed in an end to fast fashion and this is something we intend to continue promoting and championing. We only make clothing made to last, exceptional pieces that are timeless and evergreen in design that should last long enough to be handed down to future generations.

Clothing fabrics and materials

We work with the finest fabrics and materials available and we're committed to the traceability of our raw materials. 

Printing Inks

All of our printed silks use environmentally sustainable inks and curing processes.


Our new labelling uses either recycled polyester or organic cotton and these will be going into our products going forwards. We’re paying a premium to be able to trace exactly where all of the recycled polyester has been sourced from so we know the full journey of the fabric used.


We’re making a commitment that all of our packaging will be fully recyclable by the start of 2022 and this is being implemented across the range as we speak.

2. Factories and Working Conditions

The factories we work with all have environmentally sustainable credentials, can trace the source of all products produced and ensure high quality working conditions for staff. They are often staffed by the best craftsmen available within that product vertical and have been around for up to 250 years in some cases, becoming a stalwart of the local community.

3. Carbon Credits

Everyday in the U.S. alone, e-commerce packages travel about the same distance as going to the moon and back 133,000 times. And it’s not just getting your order to your doorstep we have to worry about - our entire supply chain carries a carbon footprint; finding the highest quality materials for our products takes its toll

We’re partnering with EcoCart to empower our community to make their orders 100% carbon neutral. For every one of our items that ships, you can now choose to offset the specific carbon footprint with a positive environmental impact. This means the full carbon emissions from producing, manufacturing, and shipping your Rampley & Co products to your door would be completely neutralized.

Carbon Off-Set

4. 1% for the Planet

We have signed up to ‘1% for the Planet’, a global network of businesses, individuals and non-profits tackling our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. As part of this scheme we will be donating 1% of gross profits directly to environmental non-profits. Read more about the cause here.

We’re making a commitment to you that we’ll continue our journey towards a more sustainable future through any means necessary, with the ultimate aim of becoming a carbon neutral company producing exceptionally high quality, sustainable clothing that is built to last.

Elliott and Simon

The Co-Founders