About Us

About Us

Rampley & Co was born out of a desire to create elegant pocket squares through unique designs and high quality materials to showcase British luxury to a global audience. Our core company principles are to create unique fashion accessories through innovative design, exquisite materials and quality craftsmanship.

What we love about pocket squares is that they are a subtle addition to a jacket that can completely transform the overall look of an outfit. It can instantly smarten a casual look, while every fold and colour combination means an alternative way to present a single jacket or suit. We’ve tried to bring this accessory alive by using new materials such as Harris Tweed and by sourcing the best available fabrics.

As a company we’re always trying to work with some of the most prestigious and well known institutions, museums, galleries and artists to provide our customers with truly unique designs. It is our aim to provide pieces of art in your pocket while continuing to innovate and find new ways of presenting this timeless classic as well as paying a premium to ensure we have the best quality product available.

When identifying a partner to work with we always take great care to ensure that they are in line with our brand values as well as making sure that the partnership is in keeping with the style of product we’re looking to create and that the imagery we’re using is the right fit. With The National Gallery for example, we worked closely with their team to choose three paintings from their substantial collection of some of the finest artworks in the world. The paintings had to first and foremost suit the medium on which they were to be presented and so we slowly identified those we wanted based on colour blends and the ability to work within a square crop. We then designed unique borders for each square, each inspired by the painting it was chosen to go with and utilising individual details seen in the work such as the detailing on an arch or the colouring of a piece of clothing.

Once designs were finalised we worked with their expert colourist to ensure that the sampling process gave us the closest possible match to the original painting before producing our finished product. This is a difficult task when printing complicated images with multiple colour blends onto silk but fully worth it when presented at the end with a stunning hand rolled silk pocket square featuring an absolutely stunning piece of art. 

We always appreciate feedback and please do keep track of the latest news and ranges by following us across our social media accounts. Most importantly of all though please keep enjoying the squares we’re creating.