About Us

About Us

We Believe...

In an end to fast fashion, ensuring every piece is made to last whilst evoking an emotional connection with its wearer through tactility of fabric and design.

Our Mission

At Rampley & Co we offer a contemporary vision for sophisticated, confident British style, produced using the finest makers in Britain and beyond.

Our design philosophy is simple: we create elegant, timeless pieces that offer an emotional connection - be that through the softness and tactility of cashmere, the drape of a favourite trouser, or a print that has a treasured association.

We are proud to partner with artisans with hundreds of years of heritage and manufacturing experience, and we choose to work exclusively with the most luxurious materials and fibres in order to provide products of exceptional quality that can last a lifetime.

At the heart of our brand is a dedication to providing the highest quality of engagement, care and support. For us, a purchase isn’t a transaction, it’s the beginning of a relationship. Rather than acquiring customers, we believe in nurturing relationships and fostering community.

You can view our full product range here: Rampley & Co Shop.

Our Story

It was our desire to develop a clothing company that offered something a little different in the market, moving away from the concept of fast fashion and delivering high quality products that relied on traditional craftsmanship and exceptional materials that would ultimately lead to garments that would last a lifetime, and in many cases be handed down to the next generation. We want to ensure we’re contributing to the future of a sustainable clothing industry.

As we’ve expanded our product selection and categories over the years, we’ve been constantly refining the quality and style of our collections, sourcing new manufacturers, materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver the timeless items we strive for.

We don’t just want our customers to look good - we want to engage with them on a deeper level, through thoughtful, considered design, materials that demand to be worn, and peerless service. We focus on a direct to consumer approach which has enabled us to develop relationships with our customer base and build a community around what we’re trying to achieve.

This ability to talk directly to our customers provides us with constant feedback while enabling us to deliver an exceptional level of customer service. We’re always on hand to assist with any bespoke requirements or to provide style advice, and we’ve invested significant resources to ensure delivery of our items is fast and efficient, no matter where in the world you live.

Style & Design

We see our products as timeless pieces that can last a lifetime and feel this adds a lot of value to our customers. With contemporary cuts for a modern fit, and classic styling, we want items that will get you noticed while still being relevant and wearable in years to come.

Exceptional Materials & Quality

We believe in supporting what we call “knowledge of the hand”. We partner exclusively with small-scale artisans and historic factories with hundreds of years of experience, using natural fibres and producing in limited runs with traditional construction methods.

We’d sum up our ethos with four key words; Materials, Provenance, Design and Quality. All of these aspects are absolutely essential to the way we choose and produce our products and are effectively the four main pillars of our brand. We spent the first years really ensuring we had the best possible product in terms of design and materials and this ‘quality first’ approach has really resonated with our community.

We travelled around the UK and Europe to find the finest producers that shared our values of craftsmanship and quality and ensure we do this for every new range we launch.

Products That Tell A Story

We also focused on making sure every one of our products always tells a story, whether this be through design or manufacture, but preferably both! It was important for us to leverage the heritage and craftsmanship in British manufacturing, so a significant portion of our range is produced in the UK with some of the factories being based in the same location for close to 200 years.

Our printed silk is produced in Macclesfield, our socks in Leicestershire, and our fabrics across the UK; all areas renowned for these products. Inevitably our design and creative process is very much inspired by what is around us, as well as other English brands and the fantastic institutions we’re working with.

We were founded out of a desire to create a more lasting and permanent kind of British brand. We make pieces that last a lifetime; pieces crafted using the very best materials available, giving them an unrivalled sense of softness and tactility, that you want to keep and pass on.



We hope you love what we’re trying to achieve here at Rampley & Co as much as we do and if you have any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Elliott & Simon

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