Handmade Ties

All of the ties we offer are fully handmade to the highest possible quality. Our fabrics are sourced from top suppliers while our silk ties are screen-printed in Macclesfield, the centre of the English silk weaving industry for over 300 years and the world's biggest producer of finished silk.  The mill we use for this has been producing printed fabric on the same site for the past fifty years and the process uses water sourced from its own reservoir.

In terms of the handmade process, each tie is hand cut, tipped and sewn together. Once the tie pieces have been joined together the tie is then pressed ready to be slipped. A woolen lining is placed into the tie and the hand slipper then pins along the tie folding the fabric onto the lining and creating an even seam along the length of the tie. Starting at the narrow end, a stretch loop is added while slipping along the tie.  The stretch loop is one continuous piece of thread used to slip the tie without joins. This allows the fabric movement when worn and the stretch loop ensures more flexibility. This is unique to a handmade tie. The ‘bar tack’ or ‘bullion’ stitch is added at each end of the tie while it is being slipped. This is also a special stitch that shows that the tie has been hand sewn. The self-loop and the label are added before the tie is checked and packed ready for delivery.