Gentleman's Shoe Series

In our Gentleman's Shoe Series, Tom Beecroft, owner of The Jaunty Flaneur gives his insights into how to look after your shoes, along with five classic shoes every man should own.



Tailoring Series in collaboration with the Cad & The Dandy

In our Tailoring Series, James Sleater, owner of Cad & The Dandy on Savile Row, provides insights into the key elements of how a suit jacket or blazer should fit.






Our Scabal Tie Collection

Through its dedication to innovation and quality, Scabal produces some of the finest cloths for bespoke tailors and textile businesses around the world. This made them an obvious choice to be our first tie fabric partner. The stability of the cloth means that it will always bounce back to its original form, making it perfect for handmade ties.

We are very pleased to collaborate with them to create The Scabal Tie Collection, offering both self-tipped and handrolled finishes.

All our ties can be found on the following link: Handmade Ties


Rampley & Co Pocket Squares

At Rampley & Co we create truly unique clothing and accessories, partnering with some of the world's leading institutions. Our pocket squares are designed and printed in Britain, and we only work with the finest fabrics. They are all hand-rolled to give each pocket square a high-quality finish.

Our pocket square collection can be viewed on the following link Pocket Square Collection