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The Cuff - Ben Brewster - United States

Over the past couple years I've become more cognizant of the spark that a well-chosen pocket square can add to tailoring, and the exceptional designs from Rampley & Co are a big reason why. The classic art pictured on each square is undoubtedly the brand's signature appeal, but even smaller details like intricate border patterns and hand-rolled edges give each piece a one-of-a-kind feel.

The bold yet versatile color combinations offer a pleasant pop, especially if you tend to gravitate toward classic navy, grey and brown suiting options, like me — and the extended size at 42cm x 42cm means you can experiment with a variety of different folds depending on the outfit and occasion.

The Cuff Ben Brewster
Ben Brewster

Menswear Blogger - Linus Norrbom - Sweden

From a person that feels naked without a pocket square in the chest pocket of my jacket, I can honestly say that Rampley & Co. have changed the way I look upon pocket squares. Rampley & Co. is well renowned for their beautiful and unique pocket squares, but have more recently widened their range of quality men’s accessories, such as e.g. ties in lovely Scabal fabrics but also braces, umbrellas and socks.

In terms of the pocket squares, it is truly a great joy wear a piece of art in your pocket. They feature carefully selected artwork motifs, beautifully printed on high-quality silk and well handcrafted with nice hand-rolled edges etc. I find that the size of 42×42 cm of the Rampley & Co. pocket squares works really well, it sits well in the pocket and allows various folds. The different folds, combined with a lot of colours in the motif, makes the pocket square really versatile in terms of complementing an outfit.

I have a number of different squares from different art collections, and if I wasn’t so keen on wearing them, I could easily see myself framing them and hanging them on the wall for others to see their beauty.

Pocket square and striped tie
Linus Norrbom Menswear Blogger

Menswear Influencer - Adam Gonon - United States

If you’ve ever received a compliment on your tie, wristwatch, sunglasses, pocket square, or other accessory, you have a sense of the impact that intentionally adding quality details can play in creating a memorable look. I was first introduced to Rampley & Co in 2016 after coming across the company on social media and was immediately drawn to the sublime designs of the company’s pocket squares. Rampley & Co’s pocket squares are, without a doubt, my favorites in my collection. The fine art selection of their pocket squares spark conversation and appreciation wherever they are worn. From my collection, The Lament for Icarus with its subtle highlights and Samson and Delilah with its rich tones, are both standouts.

While what first drew me to the company was their beautiful collection pocket squares, I quickly familiarized myself with the rest of their product line and picked up a few of their ties. If there’s one thing I look for when choosing a tie for my outfit, it’s for them to be subtle. Favorites of mine include their Navy and Bronze Silk Twill Tie from the newly launched Silk Tie collection, their Hazel Super Fine Merino Wool Tie in a historical Glen Check pattern and Navy Prince of Wales Merino Wool Tie. The premium fabrics and self-tipped finishing make these ties perfect for any suit jacket.

The details your closet can push your outfit from good to great and, when you choose to wear a piece from Rampley & Co, you can trust that you’ve chosen particularly well.

Adam Gonon Influencer
Adam Gonon

The Dapper Chapper - Adam Tanous - United Kingdom

I’ve been a fan of Rampley and Co. for a number of years. I come from four generations of Master Framers and have a real passion for Art. I’m therefore obsessed with the Rampley and Co. collaborations in Fine Art or with The National Gallery, Rubens and The Wallace Collections.

What I like most about the squares is that they are not only beautiful accessories but also a nice talking point. Often, people will notice the detail within the square and from that spark a conversation - I certainly find them more interesting than block prints.

From a practical point of view the silk is great quality which enables me to be diverse with the folds as I like to mix things up for different occasions. Diversity also stretches to pairing the prints because you can simply fold the square in a way to show the colour hues to match your tie, shirt or whatever you’re pairing it with.

Pocket square with roll neck
Adam Tanous Dapper Chapper

Iconic Impressions - Jacob Clayton - United States

After finding Rampley & Co. on Instagram, I immediately fell and love and knew I had to have one. The fusion of menswear accessories and art make for the perfect product to take your style to the next level. After my first one arrived, I was pleased not only the size, but also the quality of the pocket square! It was so beautiful that I almost wanted to frame it.

When buying a pocket square, I typically look for size, quality, and color. This is why Rampley and Co. is my favorite pocket square company because they have mastered all three of these aspects. I don’t prefer smaller pocket squares because they tend to fall down constantly throughout the day so 42cm x 42 cm is the perfect size for me. I love a hand rolled edges and creative borders that allow me to wear m my pocket square in different styles.

I can truly say that these are the best pocket squares that I have ever owned.

Brown suit tie and pocket square
Jacob Clayton Iconic Impressions

A Rake In Progress - David Cox - United States

There are several companies printing art pocket squares now, but they all pale in comparison to Rampley & Co. Simply put, no one can match the discerning art selection, tasteful borders, and precisely accurate printing of Rampley & Co. I have three squares now, but there are so many more I have my eye on. It’s a joy to know you have a beautiful work of art hidden away in your pocket, but what’s visible is always a delight too. I don’t know how they do it, but the artwork they select complements a wide variety of outfits and the borders make the squares a superb option for a point up fold (a favorite of mine).

Rampley & Co. tends to release their pocket squares in themed collections, many of which are tied to world history or geography. For instance, they have a collection from the U.S. Library of Congress with aerial views of three American cities during the 19th century. I have the square depicting Washington, D.C., which is where I live, making it all the more special to me. Their selection of evocative artwork alone makes them worth a purchase, but the fact that they combine it with the finest quality silk and hand-rolled edges makes them a no-brainer. I’m of the opinion that every aspiring rake should own a Rampley & Co. pocket square.

A Rake In Progress David Cox
A Rake In Progress

The Grey Fox - David Evans - United Kingdom

I've used Rampley & Co pocket squares, socks and ties for a few years now. All are well-made and stylish. I believe in buying few and buying well - it's the only sustainable way to avoid piles of stuff going into landfill.

The pocket squares are exceptional; in fact I'd collect them all if I could. Those based on old paintings and prints have the advantage that you can fold them in infinite ways, effectively giving you scores of squares in one.

The ties are the ideal width and length and their quality enables me to tie a full knot - always important. It's always worth keeping an eye on their website as the best designs come and go quickly.

Grey jacket red tie pocket square
David Evans The Grey Fox

Celebrity Stylist - Jamie Azzopardi - Australia

For the past couple of years I have followed the journey of Rampley & Co and I must say I am such a fan of their work. Their attention to details, fine British construction and ability to uniquely collaborate with an array of businesses, both fashion and art based, not only pulls at my heartstrings, but as a stylist and lifestyle blogger, gives me sincere hope that art and fashion do have a mainstream future together.

Their unique take on artistry and the way it should fit into the fashion world has seen their fan base grow to appreciate works of art, just like works of fashion, and open doors between the realms to live harmoniously together.

My favourite thing about the brand, for the menswear in particular, is its smart, sophisticated and masculine approach to otherwise delicate accessories. With its worldly view and ability to construct elite items the brand has gone from strength to strength with its products and now is at a point where it’s unique and flavourful attitude is not only recognisable but also coveted throughout the globe by dapper men, stylists and those in the know!

Pocket Square Stylist
Jamie Azzopardi

Menswear Blogger - Danil Dellos - Russia

Well, speaking about the pocket square I can say, that I generally don't wear a tie, but I always wear a pocket square. As it is a serious tool for self-expression, pocket squares from Rampley & Co are often the main accent in the whole look.

The most important thing is that nobody knows that you have a piece of art, instead of just an additional detail, until you take it out of your pocket. Here in Russia, just a few people understand the power of the squares in constructing the look. And when I show the Rampley & Co products, people are always amazed. I can say a lot about its perfect quality and size, but you should know above all that with Rampley & Co you get an emotion, which is much more then just a product.

Pocket square review close up
Danil Dellos

After the Suit - Colin Holmstrom - Canada

When I received my first pocket square from Rampley & Co, it was immediately apparent that the quality of the print is fantastic. The depth of colours, and the fact that they'd seemed to capture even the texture of the brush strokes in the painting. Impressive. Subsequent orders have been consistently pleasing. Unfolding a square from the box allows me to take in the pocket square as a whole. Not only has each print been beautifully and faithfully recreated, but each has a wonderfully complimentary border. The execution of the borders means that in addition to a myriad of stuffed arrangements, the pocket squares provide a strong "corners-up" fold. Regarding the weight of the silk - it’s lovely. Not so thin and gauzy that it feels delicate or fragile. Not so heavy that it’s bulky in your breast pocket. It has a wonderful, dry hand, and isn’t particularly shiny, but the saturation is as rich as you'd expect. Inspecting the hand-rolled edges will show an excellent attention to detail. The stitching is even all around, and the roll is very tight and very round. Awesome.

So far my choices have provided a diverse range of colour palettes, but I browse every new collection without fail - looking for the next addition. One of the most enjoyable aspects of wearing my Rampley & Co squares is that they provide such a subtle but important elevation to each outfit. Rampley & Co offer the finest pocket squares available today.

After the suit pocket square
After the suit - Colin H

Editor-in-chief Plaza Uomo - Erik Mannby - Sweden

For full transparency, I know Elliot Rampley of Rampley & Co, and the fact that he is one of the nicest guys in the business may subconsciously influence my feelings about the products. With that said, my line of work gives me a pretty unique chance of studying finely crafted clothing and accessories and if pressed I can roll a decent hand rolled edge myself. Rampley & Co’s products are as good as it gets where handwork is considered. The pocket squares I own so far are on the same level, or better than, pocket squares that usually retail for several times the price that Rampley & Co charge.

The silk is finely woven and neither too thick to become bulky in ones pocket, nor is it flimsy and lifeless. It is, in short a good product, quality wise. Now, great quality is what I expect from any accessories I’d consider wearing. The thing that really speaks to me is the artwork of the pocket squares. Anyone can find an old painting and simply have it printed on a piece of silk, but to find, or create, pieces with a perfect combination of colors to complement most outfits, that’s a different story. Nowadays I find myself reaching for my Rampley squares 9 out of 10 times I’m wearing a jacket and tie.

Suit and navy striped tie
Erik Mannby

Burzan Blog - Jesse Burzminski - Canada

I am really fond of the idea that artwork can be transitioned into the pocket square medium so well; no one is doing this better than Rampley & Co. I had been eyeing their designs for quite a while when I finally decided I couldn’t hold out longer. For my first order I opted for the Venice: Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day square and I could not have made a better choice. The lovely artwork and mix of neutral tones have proven to be extremely versatile for my wardrobe. I also picked up a pair of the cotton/nylon socks in the color cumin and they have washed and worn very well in my time with them, the color is quite fun to wear.

Details matter as they say and this is another area that Rampley shined. The quality of the packaging was top notch. Everything packed neatly into a beautiful branded box, the pocket square even coming with a small sheet detailing info about the artwork itself. As a bonus, the package even included a set of branded metal shirt stays. Every detail in regards to packaging and presentation are well thought out and executed. It really makes the shopping experience feel special.

This was my first order with Rampley but will surely not be the last. I have already been eyeing the Kingfisher square and a few from the recent Klimt Collection. I’m really looking forward to expanding my own collection of Rampley accessories in the future.

Check jacket and pocket square
Jesse Burzminski

The Hogtown Rake - Pedro Mendes - Canada

When I first spoke to Elliott about Rampley and Co., I was impressed by the vision and commitment to making high quality pocket squares. I was intrigued by the classic paintings, which I suspected, folded or puffed, would create a pleasing and subtle combination of colours and patterns in my jacket pocket. Once I received my first square, I was mightily impressed. Not only are they well printed on fine, light-weight silk, they are the perfect size, neither bulky nor stingy.

The best thing is, as I had hoped, the effect they have on an ensemble. The colours of each painting are harmonious (burgundy, or blue/green for example) and consistent with the border edge work. This means I have a simple pallet to work with, despite the complexity of the images. So combining them with shirt, tie and jacket colours is easy. And so I find myself reaching for these squares far more than any others. They feel good, they look good, and they add a dimension of understated elegance to almost any outfit.

Patch pocket with pocket square
Pedro Mendes

The Bespoke Shop - Thomas Bodfält - Sweden

When my company, The Bespoke Shop started, I was looking for accessories brands that weren't represented on the Swedish market that stood out from the rest. As a menswear enthusiast myself, I always want to try the products for a while before starting a retail cooperation with a brand in order to ensure the products are of the highest quality and something I feel comfortable wearing myself and thus selling to my customers. The first pocket square I received from Rampley & Co was the "Samson and Delilah" pocket square. Both the motif by Peter Paul Rubens and the quality of the silk and finely hand rolled edges blew me away. When I first made contact with Elliott and Simon, the founders of Rampley & Co we had a few meetings in order to ensure we were a good fit for each other. They really care about the quality, both in their products and in their retailers and not just money, something that I really appreciate that is unfortunately not too common these days.

Since becoming a retailer for Rampley & Co, the quality of the products has gotten even better and I don't think I have ever seen pocket squares with the same level of prints they do. I use them every time I wear a jacket and have by now close to 10 different squares from Rampley & Co. The Bespoke Shop has had the Rampley & Co pocket squares as part of the product selection since we started in 2016 and they have been one of our customers favourite products. We can honestly say that we feel honoured to work with such a professional and high quality brand.

The Bespoke Shop
Thomas Bodfalt

Fit Man Style - Ian Riley - United States

Personally, wearing a sport coat or suit jacket without a pocket square can look very boring and having a polka dot/paisley pattern square may elevate the look, but Rampley & Co takes it up a notch. As a lover of art and fashion it was great to finally come across a company that combined the two with class and sophistication. From the hand rolled edges to the 16.5in x 16.5 in length(enough to do a proper fold), the attention to detail is something to be applauded and of course, the most obvious part, the beautiful art images printed on 100% silk just makes it stand from the crowd.

I opted for the Samson and Delilah pocket square. My Christian faith made me familiar with this story of strength and betrayal and to see it displayed on the pocket square with such detail is something to marvel at. The various ways of folding the square displays unique shapes and colors of each piece making it seem like a whole new pocket square every time you wear it. Having a Rampley & Co pocket square is definitely a talking piece in any social environment you find yourself in.

The pocket square's versatility and quality makes for a worthy investment in any gentleman's wardrobe. The Samson and Delilah piece was my first, but certainly won't be my last.

Pearl Jacket and Pocket Square
Pocket square double breast Ian Riley

Datinventory - Daniel Öhrstedt - Sweden

I was eyeing the Rampley pocket squares for quite a while and was thinking that the idea of turning classic art into pocket squares was quite brilliant and interesting. However, without being able to see them in person, I was a little bit worried how the printing would look in real life.

When I finally had the chance to see the products in person I was blown away by the rich details in the prints. What you don't realise from the pictures is that the print is actually incredibly detailed even on the back of the square. This results in making it much easier to fold your pocket square in a good looking way, since you don't have to worry about having to hide the back. The hand rolled edges are very well done, the colours of the prints are great and the square motifs allows for multiple ways to fold them, each turning into a unique look. I also find it great fun when someone asks about the pocket square you are wearing and these small artworks spark a conversation.

Even though the main product of Rampley & Co might be considered the squares, there is also a number of other high-quality products in their portfolio. I find their classic over the calf merino wool socks both durable and well fitting. The wool/cashmere Scabal ties are fantastic, the fabrics are truly wonderful and the ties give very nice looking knots.

A single pocket square has now turned into a small collection of Rampley & Co products, which I'm very fond of and use frequently.

Navy jacket brown tie
Daniel Ohrstedt

Ordinarily Dapper - Chris Browning - United States

Rampley and Co truly make some of the most luxurious and well constructed menswear accessories in the world! I have had experience with the pocket squares primarily but also one of their Scabal Wool ties, and they are incredible! The quality of materials used is amazing and it truly has to be felt in hand to get a sense of it's beauty and quality. While Scabal wool is renowed for the quality, the silk used in their squares is truly top notch. There is truly a difference in silk from one brand to another and you get what you pay for usually. Here you are getting exceptional quality silk that really is beautiful in hand and captures the colors in the original artwork used! The handrolling is some of the tightest and most even I've had the pleasure to own and really is elegant and clean. 

They utilize artwork from the National Gallery, the British Museum, The Library of Congress, and the V&A and select incredible artwork for their squares and produce them with incredible depth and color blending. They truly capture the original artists work and it simply must be seen and felt to get a full grasp of this! Not only are they beautiful works of art, but the versatility of them are unparalleled! They have a variety of colors and being artwork and not just a solid or repeating pattern, they can be folded or put in pocket a number of ways, each time you can capture different colors and combinations! That to me is one of the main reasons to invest in these squares, they can be used in a variety of ways each with a different look and feel!

I adore my Rampley and Co products, specifically the silk pocket squares, and will continue to purchase and enjoy every time I put a jacket on! 

Pocket Squares Review
Pocket Square Review