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Menswear Blogger - Linus Norrbom

From a person that feels naked without a pocket square in the chest pocket of my jacket, I can honestly say that Rampley & Co. have change the way I look upon pocket squares.

Rampley & Co. is well renowned for their beautiful and unique pocket squares, but have more recently widened their range of quality men’s accessories, such as e.g. ties in lovely Scabal fabrics but also braces, umbrellas and socks.

In terms of the pocket squares, it is truly a great joy wear a piece of art in your pocket. They feature carefully selected artwork motifs, beautifully printed on high-quality silk and well handcrafted with nice hand-rolled edges etc. I find that the size of 42×42 cm of the Rampley & Co. pocket squares works really well, it sits well in the pocket and allows various folds. The different folds, combined with a lot of colours in the motif, makes the pocket square really versatile in terms of complementing an outfit.

I have a number of different squares from different art collections, and if I wasn’t so keen on wearing them, I could easily see myself framing them and hanging them on the wall for others to see their beauty.

Pocket square and striped tie
Linus Norrbom Menswear Blogger

The Bespoke Shop - Thomas Bodfält

When my company The Bespoke Shop started, I was looking for accessories brands that weren't represented on the Swedish market that stood out from the rest. As a menswear enthusiast myself I always want to try the products for a while before starting a retail cooperation with a brand, in order to ensure the products are of the highest quality and something I feel comfortable wearing myself and thus selling to my customers. The first pocket square I received from Rampley & Co was the "Samson and Delilah" pocket square. Both the motif by Peter Paul Rubens and the quality of the silk and finely hand rolled edges blew me away. When I took contact with Elliott and Simon the founders of Rampley & Co we had a few meetings at first in order to ensure we were a good fit for each other. They really care about quality, both in their products and in their retailers and not just money, something that I really appreciate that is unfortunately not too common these days.

Since becoming a retailer for Rampley & Co, the quality of the products has gotten even better and I don't think I have ever seen pocket squares with the same level of prints they do. I use them every time I wear a jacket and have by now probably close to 10 different squares from Rampley & Co. The Bespoke Shop has had the Rampley & Co pocket squares as part of the product selection since we started in 2016 and they have since been one of our customer's favourite products. We can honestly say that we feel honoured to work with such a professional and high-quality brand.

Pocket Square Review
Thomas Bodfalt Review

Ordinarily Dapper - Chris Browning

Rampley and Co truly make some of the most luxurious and well constructed menswear accessories in the world! I have had experience with the pocket squares primarily but also one of their Scabal Wool ties, and they are incredible! The quality of materials used is amazing and it truly has to be felt in hand to get a sense of it's beauty and quality. While Scabal wool is renowed for the quality, the silk used in their squares is truly top notch. There is truly a difference in silk from one brand to another and you get what you pay for usually. Here you are getting exceptional quality silk that really is beautiful in hand and captures the colors in the original artwork used! The handrolling is some of the tightest and most even I've had the pleasure to own and really is elegant and clean. 

They utilize artwork from the National Gallery, the British Museum, The Library of Congress, and the V&A and select incredible artwork for their squares and produce them with incredible depth and color blending. They truly capture the original artists work and it simply must be seen and felt to get a full grasp of this! Not only are they beautiful works of art, but the versatility of them are unparalleled! They have a variety of colors and being artwork and not just a solid or repeating pattern, they can be folded or put in pocket a number of ways, each time you can capture different colors and combinations! That to me is one of the main reasons to invest in these squares, they can be used in a variety of ways each with a different look and feel!

I adore my Rampley and Co products, specifically the silk pocket squares, and will continue to purchase and enjoy every time I put a jacket on! 

Pocket Squares Review
Pocket Square Review