The Art of Handmade Ties

Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and premium materials sets the foundation for our exquisite handmade ties. From fabric selection to intricate hand stitching, join us as we go behind the scenes to discover the meticulous process that goes into creating each of our ties.

Our Fabrics

At Rampley & Co, we believe that the foundation of a superior tie lies in the fabric selection. That's why we exclusively work with esteemed suppliers and renowned silk producers such as the renowned Fox Brothers and Scabal, both recognised for their heritage and commitment to excellence. Expertly printed silk from Macclesfield, the heart of silk production in the UK, ensures the highest quality. 



Handmade vs. Machine-Made

A pivotal aspect that sets our ties apart is the emphasis on handmade craftsmanship. Our handmade ties are meticulously crafted, by experienced experts, with exceptional attention to detail, resulting in a unique product with more body and personality. 



Find out more about the differences between machine-made and handmade ties in our Complete Guide to Ties.

The fabric is cut on the true bias at a 45-degree angle, allowing for optimal stretch and recovery. This bias cutting ensures the tie knots well and facilitates ease of folding. It also enhances the fabric's drape, resulting in a truly refined look.

The interlining, carefully chosen to complement the outer shell fabric, plays a crucial role in shaping the tie. It contributes to the tie's flexibility, ability to bounce back after being knotted, and overall weight and feel. We work with high-quality interlinings such as wool blends, canvas, or polycotton to achieve the desired effect.



The handsewn slip stitch is the final artisan touch to our ties. A single continuous length of thread is used to sew the tie along the spine. This stitching incorporates the interlining, ensuring the tie's stability while keeping the face of the tie free from visible stitches. This intricate technique, known as hand slipping, showcases the remarkable skill of our tie makers.



Other notable details include the keeper loop on the back, designed to secure the tie in place, and the bullion stitch—a single heavy stitch that expertly holds the two sides of the tie together.




Should you desire a truly personalised touch, our bespoke service allows you to customise a tie, contact our team at for more details.