The Winged Puff Fold

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“The Winged Puff Fold

The Winged Puff Fold is another of the folds that could be described as a classic and works beautifully for either the work environment or more formal occasions.

Because of this, we prefer to wear this fold with a similar colour to the jacket, so either light on light, or dark on dark.

The Winged Puff Step 1

Step 1.

Start by laying out your pocket square in a diamond shape in front of you, then taking the top corner fold in down on top of the bottom corner.


Step 2.

Next, take the top right-hand corner and also fold it down onto the bottom corner.

The Winged Puff Step 3

Step 3.

Next, repeat the same step with the top left-hand corner.

The Winged Puff Step 4

Step 4.

Then, holding the pocket square firmly to keep the folds in place, pick it up and turn it over. Then take the right-hand corner in the middle and fold it into the middle.

The Winged Puff Step 5

Step 5.

Then repeat the process on the left-hand side. The pocket square should now be approximately the width of your breast pocket. If it's too narrow or two wide repeat steps 4 and 5.

The Winged Puff Step 6

Step 6.

Next, take the bottom and fold it up towards the top. 

The Winged Puff Step 7

Step 7.

Now holding the pocket square firmly turn it back over and you have the Winged Puff.

The Winged Puff Step 8

Step 8.

Finally, place it in your pocket and adjust the gap in the centre of the square to your own preference. A small gap will give you a sharper triangle effect, whereas a slightly wider gap will give you the more classic rounded look.

The Stag Hunt of Prince John Frederick

The Stag Hunt of Prince John Frederick

The pocket square used in this folding guide is The Stag Hunt of John Prince Frederick by Lucas Cranach The Younger. It can be viewed here: The Stag Hunt of Prince John Frederick

See our full collection of pocket squares here: Pocket Square Store

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