Four Mountains Fold

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The Four Mountains Fold is definitely more flamboyant than formal, and a great way to express some individuality. The Four Mountains Fold has the same asymmetry seen in the puff fold yet retains a definite shape ideal for those less enthused about the uninhibited nature of the puff and its eccentric relatives.

There’s a little more flexibility to get creative as the four points shouldn’t line up perfectly, and you could try contrasting the texture of your pocket square against your tie for a daring combination.

Four Mountains Fold Step 1

Step 1.

Firstly, lay your pocket square out flat in front of you, and then pinch the centre and lift it up.

The Four Mountains Fold Step 1

Step 2.

Then take your other hand and form a circle with your index finger and thumb around the centre of the square.

The Four Mountains Fold Step 3

Step 3.

Then twist it relatively tightly to hold it in place.

The Four Mountains Fold Step 4

Step 4.

Then roll the top down towards the points.

The Four Mountains Fold Step 5

Step 5.

Next turn it around 180 degrees in your hand and then adjust the points so that they are separated from each other.

The Four Mountains Fold Step 6

Step 6.

Finally, place in your pocket and adjust it accordingly. As mentioned, this is generally quite a flamboyant fold, so ensure that you show a generous amount of the peaks. We like to wear this fold with the two central peaks higher than the two either side as shown in the image.

The Stag Hunt of Prince John Frederick

The pocket square used in this folding guide is The Stag Hunt of John Prince Frederick by Lucas Cranach The Younger. It can be viewed here: The Stag Hunt of Prince John Frederick

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