The Four Point Fold

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The Four Point Fold is a sophisticated pocket square fold that is particularly striking if done correctly with relatively even peaks. 

The design of this fold lends itself particularly well to a dark muted suit and serves to add a flair of individuality to an otherwise plain outfit, and gives that little extra touch of class to a formal event.

The Four Point Fold Step 1

Step 1.

Firstly, start by laying out your pocket square flat in front of you. Then take the bottom left-hand corner and fold it just below the top right-hand corner.


Step 2.

Next, take the top left-hand corner and fold this slightly lower over the two previous points.

The Four Point Fold Step 3

Step 3.

Now take the bottom right-hand corner and fold this up slightly to the left of the three previous points to form the forth and final point.

The Four Point Fold Step 4

Step 4.

Now move the whole square around 45 degrees so the peaks are now pointing vertically in front of you. Then take the left-hand side and fold it back over the square.

The Four Point Fold Step 5

Step 5.

Then take the right-hand side and fold this over to form a long triangle towards the bottom. At this point, you'll probably need to gently press down on it to hold it in place.

The Four Point Fold Step 6

Step 6.

Now take the bottom part of the square and fold it back up towards the peaks.

The Four Point Fold Step 7

Step 7.

Then turn it over, the weight of the square should hold it in place, you can then start to adjust the peaks so they are nice and even.

The Four Point Fold Step 8

Step 8.

Finally, place it in your pocket, again adjusting the peaks to give an even and sophisticated finish.

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