The Three Point Fold

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The Three Point Fold is another classic fold that is a little dressier than either the one or two point folds. This fold is all about the details, so ensure the points look aligned and uniform in order to create a sharp, clean shape.

The versatility of this fold suits most pocket square designs; but the more detailing around the edges the more it will pop off the jacket. It's our preference to choose a square colour that contrasts strongly with the jacket to get clear definition on the points.

The Three Point Fold Step 1

Step 1.

Start by laying your pocket square out in a diamond shape, then taking the bottom point fold it up just to the right of the top point.


Step 2.

Then taking the bottom right-hand corner fold it up to the left of the first two points. This then gives you the three points for the fold.

The Three Point Fold Step 3

Step 3.

Then taking the left-hand corner fold it all the way over the top of the pocket square.

The Three Point Fold Step 4

Step 4.

Then taking the excess fabric fold it back over the pocket square so it sits neatly in the middle.

The Three Point Fold Step 5

Step 5.

Then take the right had side of the pocket square and fold it into the middle. You will likely then need to use your fingers to press down on the square to hold it in place. At this stage, the upper width of the pocket square should be approximately the width of your pocket.

The Three Point Fold Step 6

Step 6.

Then fold the bottom of the square up towards the points.

The Three Point Fold Step 7

Step 7.

Then turn it over, holding onto it relatively tightly to keep everything in place.

The Three Point Fold Step 8

Step 8.

Finally, place in your pocket, adjusting the points so they are relatively even and flat.

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