The Three Point Crown Fold

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The Three Point Crown is quite a regal pocket square fold, and is another good fold for showcasing a square with an interesting border pattern.

This fold always looks best when you choose a colour that contrasts against your jacket.

The Three Point Crown Fold Step 1

Step 1.

Start by laying your pocket square out in front of you in a diamond shape and then folding the bottom corner up directly on top of the top corner.


Step 2.

Then taking the bottom left-hand corner fold this up and over to the right of the central point.

The Three Point Crown Fold Step 3

Step 3.

Then take the bottom right-hand corner and fold it up and to the left of the first two points.

The Three Point Crown Fold Step 4

Step 4.

Next, fold the excess fabric on the left over towards the middle of the square to form a line down from the left-hand point. You will likely need to use your finger to hold the folds in place.

The Three Point Crown Fold Step 5

Step 5.

Then do the same on the right-hand side.

The Three Point Crown Fold Step 6

Step 6.

The fold the bottom up to just beneath the points. You will likely need to fold it twice.

The Three Point Crown Fold Step 7

Step 7.

Then carefully turn the square over and adjust the points, the key difference between this fold and the Three Point Fold is your want the points on either side to be at right angles to the central point rather than being flat.

The Three Point Crown Step 8

Step 8.

Finally, place in your pocket, again adjusting to get the desired crown look.

The Lion Hunt

The Lion Hunt

The pocket square used in this folding guide is The Lion Hunt by Horace Vernet in 1836. It can be viewed here: The Lion Hunt

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