Why Patterned Navy is the Future of Jacketing

Owning a patterned navy jacket can not only get you noticed but project confidence and creativity in many different settings. There are a variety of checks, patterns and interesting fabrics that can redefine the timeless and traditional navy tailored jacket. 

Our stunning made-to-order collection features a vast range of pattern navy jackets that are both versatile and wearable with any outfit and offer you the perfect fit across our modern classic cut. 

Today's journal explores why pattern navy jackets are the future of sartorial supremacy and the array of options available to buy.


Our patterned navy jacket collection features fabrics from the world-renowned Scabal while also allowing you the unique feature of being able to choose your own fine art silk lining from our collection. We also offer a bespoke lining service for a truly unique addition to your wardrobe. The Modern European cut of the jackets makes them incredibly versatile, allowing them to be worn either formal or relaxed attires. Below we explore three key benefits of a patterned jacket vs a plain fabric.

Get Noticed
Adding a check or pattern to a navy jacket will ensure it catches the eye of any viewer. Whether it be the subtle gingham check or a larger scale windowpane, patterns within a fabric can add style and sophistication to your look. 

Add Secondary Colours
A plain navy fabric may be classic and timeless, but the advantage of a patterned jacket is the ability to add two or three colours to your outfit. It also helps complement and combines with the other parts of your wardrobe. For example, if your pattern has red or orange tones within the check, stripe or design, you can then easily use this for your accessory, knitwear or trouser of choice.

Show Off Creativity
Another critical advantage of a pattern navy jacket vs a plain one, is the choice of creativity whilst still having a classic look. As mentioned, navy as a base colour is highly versatile and works with multiple combinations. Therefore, the options of patterns to explore and use means you can be creative with style and show off flair without the fear of stepping too far outside your comfort zone.


The world-renowned Scabal, with its home at No.12 Savile Row, is the natural choice to provide the highest quality fabrics for any pattern or check navy jacket. Tracing the history of their original mill back to 1539, they have mastered the skill and craft required to produce rare and elite cloth.

With their mills, set in the glorious hills of Huddersfield, they have perfect atmospheric conditions to nurture the cloth and create rare fibres. Alongside this, the fabrics and cloths have great stability and recovery performance, producing garments that will stand the test of time. Knowing their beautiful elite yarns and the fine details and workmanship of the fabrics, Scabal fully reflects our brand values on quality, design and sustainability. 

All our Scabal jacketing offers you the most definitive choice with its large selection of colours, designs and interesting checks, All our jackets come with the Scabal Bloom finish, which adds a subtle lustre to each cloth to enhance the hue levels. At Scabal, everything begins with cloth, and for over 80 years, they have stood at the forefront of innovation and sophistication in weaving. At present, their unique and inspired cloths can be found in over 75 countries worldwide.



The new Scabal collections are a masterclass in elegant design and patterns. Colours come alive within our tailored jacket collections where new patterns, cloth and finishes are constantly introduced every season. Scabal fabrics are first-class in quality and craftsmanship, from vibrant colours to refined herringbone weaves. Multiple colour yarns are woven together, adding depth and making even the brightest colours very wearable. 

For the ultimate luxury, Scabal offer a selection of luxurious bright blue, navy and coloured checks in 100% worsted Cashmere, the perfect way to brighten up cold winter days.

Any fabrics from the Scabal collection of patterns can be made to order by contacting us at bespoke@rampleyandco.com


Wool is a timeless and classic fabric choice that you will find in most of our patterned jackets collection, specifically superfine merino wool or cashmere. Wool fabrics are usually rich in fibres and textures, giving warmth to the fabric base. A navy wool blazer is the ultimate classic, but it’s certainly not your only option. Wool can also be blended with high-end fabrics like cashmere and silk for new blends and a glorious hand-feel.

Our Dark Grey And Blue Houndstooth Jacket is made from the finest 100% wool fabric and features a classic cut that can be dressed up or down. All of our pattern jackets uses either wool or cashmere sourced from specialist mills as standard. Below we look at the other commonly used fabric types across navy blazers, sports coats and tailored jackets.

Cotton jackets are the most versatile fabric for all year round use. The lightweight fabric has a draped feel for a truly casual look. This material is easy to dress up or down as cotton fabrics are breathable and easy to care for. Be sure to look out for organic cotton for both sustainability and the highest production standard.

Linen is another incredibly lightweight fabric and the perfect summer weave for a tailored jacket. Linen is ideally suited to casual, unstructured jackets and usually worn with chino shorts or trousers in cool light colours such as creams and blues. 

Tweed is a heavyweight wool fabric that is also best saved for cold weather. Tweed is practical but still a stylish way to keep warm in the winter. It adds textures and substance to your outfit whilst incorporating a traditional English heritage look—often seen in brown, caramel and grey hues.





The classic menswear navy jacket can come in various fabrics, styles and shapes. Below we explore some of the commonly known jacket types.

Textured Navy Jacket
Fabrics can have either a flat surface or added textures through the yarns, usually found within wool, hopsack and tweed fabric. This is where the surface is slightly raised, allowing some fibres to stand upright and create a rougher handfeel. Colours can also combine within the yarn to twist and create a new surface pattern for the eye. 

Our navy textured blazer below features a hopsack weave that uses a blend of dark and light blues with an orange speck to give the appearance of a blue from a distance while providing a unique combination of colours when viewed closely. Although hopsack is usually associated with a rougher weave, the fine wool gives this jacket a beautiful texture whilst making it exceptionally soft to the touch.

Unstructured Navy Blazer
An unstructured pattern blazer is a softer form of dressing, retaining an air of formality without the sharp edges of a tailored jacket. The blazer shape will come from the shell fabric with some light fusing, and it has no shoulder padding or chest canvassing. Furthermore, it might not even have a lining, or perhaps just a half lining to allow for a couple of inside pockets.

Cashmere Navy Jacket
One of the softest fabrics available, cashmere tailored jackets, belongs to a group of textile yarns known as ‘speciality hair fibres’. Our cashmere is sourced from the finest of sources within Inner Mongolia. Cashmere fibres, more prolonged, smoother and straighter than sheep’s wool, are removed manually with a comb, starting from under the goat’s chin, and are then spun into a filament ready to be woven or knitted.

Checked Navy Jacket
Check patterns are a classic British statement, with iconic check types you may know, such as Tartan, Prince of Wales and Houndstooth. Checks can have different scales, sizes and styles across a navy blazer. For example, a windowpane is usually large scale and woven or printed across two colours, creating a window-like pattern. Tartan checks are 3-5 colours and are classically a mixture of green, white, red and navy from their Scottish heritage.


What check is best on a jacket or blazer? Checks are a menswear staple item across all navy jackets, and within our current collection we have an array of check patterns which play on traditional cloth designs. These include Prince of Wales checks, Glen checks, Black Watch Tartan and Houndstooth, but made wearable for a modern-day wardrobe with tonal palettes and bolts of contemporary colour. Below we explore the different check patterns commonly seen in mens navy blazers.

Glen Check
Glen check, short for Glenurquhart check, is a woven twill design of small and large checks. Most commonly it is made up of black/grey or with more muted colours, with a houndstooth block where the stripes intersect. The name is taken from the valley of Glenurquhart in Inverness-shire, Scotland, where the checked wool was first used in the 19th century by the New Zealand-born Countess of Seafield to outfit her gamekeepers.

Prince of Wales
The Prince of Wales Check is a classic staple of British menswear. It has been successful over the years because, while the basic pattern is timeless, it can be modernised with slight reorientations of the pattern, or in this case, with a cobalt window pane. 

The gingham pattern is a classic and it has been used across the world throughout the centuries. Many countries have claimed to have invented it, however, no one can truly confirm where it started. It has a special place in many cultures, and has traditional uses depending on the country. It’s a checkerboard style of pattern, but with three colours, or shades, one being a mix of the two others. Gingham is a popular and timeless pattern, and will absolutely no doubt have a place in your wardrobe.

Sherpherds Check
The Shepherd's check is a twill-weave of small, even-sized, coloured and white checks. This pattern often resembles the gingham check, however the visible twill weave is what distinguishes the shepherd's check from gingham. The name derives from the plaid worn by shepherds in the hills of the Scottish Borders.

Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed, horizontal and vertical bands in different colours and is of course heavily associated with Scotland, where families and clans have used it across various items of clothing for hundreds of years. Historically made from wool, they can also be made of various fabrics, such as cotton or cashmere. Nowadays, we see tartans as not only reserved and used for Scottish dress, often appearing across collections and runways around the world. It’s nonetheless an interesting way to bring a bit of history to an outfit. 


One of the greatest attributes to a patterned navy jacket is how versatile it is. Navy is a primary colour so works perfectly with secondary complementary colour, such as grey, brown and green. 

Brown Trousers
The beauty of brown is that it encompasses many well known colours such as caramel, stone and tobacco. Brown colours are earthy and grounded and work brilliantly with navy jackets, as shown below. Brown accessories such as handmade ties or silk pocket squares are a classic look with any white shirt to complement your navy blazer.

Grey Knitwear
This combination of navy and grey always looks sharp, whether you're going casual or dressing up for the office. We recommend sticking with a lighter shade of grey when wearing grey to provide some contrast. When it’s colder outside, any type of layered knitwear from a raglan sleeve to a roll-neck works superbly with any navy jacket. Grey checks also complement navy within a pattern or design, particularly windowpane and houndstooth. 

Blue Oxford Shirt
Tonal dressing has become a key trend within menswear the last few years and blue on blue is a cool and sophisticated look. Navy pattern jackets usually have different levels of blue within them, either through fabric texture or check pattern. Try pairing with an open collar blue Oxford twill shirt for a casual dinner setting attire, or match with a grey tie if a more formal occasion. 


Hopefully you can now see the true benefits within the different types of patterned navy jackets available to dress up or down with sartorial elegance and style. Patterns within your jacket offer a chance to get noticed, play with your creative flair and make your mark on the world. 

Our first-class collection of tailored jackets come in a variety of styles and patterns from the world-renowned Scabal fabric. Our bespoke and made-to-order service means you will be delivered a world leading jacket that will last you a lifetime. 



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Fit is incredibly important to us and so our tailored jackets are designed to look good across all body shapes, ensuring you always look and feel your best. We offer two fits, slim and regular, as well as allowing you to choose the perfect length to suit your torso and arms. We recommend you take a look at our comprehensive size guide which gives a full overview of the sizing should you wish to check against another jacket here: Jacket Size Guide.

As well as being constructed from fabric supplied by the world renowned Scabal of Savile Row, what makes our jackets truly exceptional is the ability to select your choice of lining (included in the total price). Your lining is not about being extravagant, but ensuring you have something personal to you. We have a large selection of jacket linings, but also offer a bespoke service should you want a truly one-of-a-kind jacket.

Once you have purchased your jacket, one of our team will follow up with you to double check the details and answer any further questions. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed, so you can be sure that you will be delivered a jacket that exceeds your expectations. Don’t take our word for it, see some of our Trustpilot reviews below.