Tailored Jackets Sizing Guide

The tables below sets out the different fit sizes in centimetres in the familiar UK/US and EU sizes.

For reference, the chest and waist measurements are taken on your body, with the shoulder, jacket length and sleeve measurements taken from a jacket that you already own. We also recommend getting someone to take the measurements while you are wearing the jacket as you will get more accurate measurements when the jacket is being worn. 

In terms of length, S (short) is the total length set out below minus 2.5cm and minus 1.5cm for the sleeves. L (long) is the total length plus 2.5cm with the sleeve length plus 1.5cm.

If you have any questions regarding sizing, please email us here and we'd be more than happy to help: info@rampleyandco.com.

Slim Fit Sizing Chart

Slim Fit

Regular Fit Sizing Chart

Regular Fit Sizing Chart

How to take your measurements:

How our measurements are taken

This is taken directly on your body. Measure from directly under your arms, across the chest at its widest point and right around your back. The measurement should be taken, not too tightly, around the broadest part of the chest in a relaxed position.

This is also taken directly on your body. The tape measure should be laid horizontally and not too tightly around the stomach at waist height. Again, you're looking to take the broadest measurement of the waist. 

Measure on the shoulder seam from the collar to the shoulder armpoint.

½ Back 
Measure from the centre-back seam to the position where the elbow seam of the armhole runs to the armhole seam on the back.

Jacket Length
Measure along the centre-back seam from collar seam to the bottom of the jacket.

Sleeve length
Measure from the sleeve hem centre up to the shoulder seam, while keeping your arm straight by your side, allowing the fabric to naturally fall.

Top To Top 
Pass the tape measure straight across from the tip of one shoulder to the other, just above your shoulder blades. This is an important measurement as some people typically wear the same size but have different shoulder widths.

If you have any questions regarding sizing, please email us here and we'd be more than happy to help: enquiries@rampleyandco.com.