How To Dress Smart For Christmas Day Dinner

With only a few days to go until the big day, you may be wondering what to wear for your Christmas Day Dinner. We say you don’t need to stay in your underwear or pyjamas all day as there is a sense of occasion to celebrate. If you dress smart and appropriately this festive season, you will be sure to impress your loved ones and feel confident in any setting.

However you plan on celebrating, below we explore some easy ideas to dress smart this Christmas. Whether religiously, dinner with family, or simply enjoying a glass of fizz at home. We are here to guide you on dressing sartorially during the main event.


The perfect blazer can define an outfit and ensure you are dressed confidently and smartly for Christmas Day. Our blazer and tailored jackets collection use either wool or cashmere sourced from specialist mills as standard.

A luxury blazer is a perfect choice for any Christmas Day dinner, with the key being versatility to complement any outfit choice. Layering a soft, wool or cashmere jacket of choice with your casual attire will instantly create a smart, tailored look that's ready for business. Depending on where you are, it’s easy to throw off-and-on and will take you from morning celebrations through to wine and cheese on Christmas evening.

Textured Jackets
Textured jackets are the perfect choice of Christmas time as they offer a warm look with a natural interest to the eye, whilst keeping your outfit smart and cosy, perfect for any family dinner.

Fabrics can have either a flat surface or added textures through the yarns, usually found within wools, hopsack and tweed fabric. The surfaces are slightly raised, allowing some fibres to stand upright and create a rougher hand-feel. Colours can also combine within the yarn to twist and create new surface patterns.

Our navy textured blazer features a hopsack weave that uses a blend of dark and light blues with an orange speck to give the appearance of a blue from a distance while providing a unique combination of colours when viewed closely. Although hopsack is usually associated with a rougher weave, the fine wool gives this jacket a beautiful texture while making it exceptionally soft to the touch. 


Christmas jumpers have become a common tradition in the 21st century, with fairisle, Santa motifs and bright colours becoming a fashion trend for any Christmas Day outfit. We explore how you can wear your novelty jumper and still have a sartorial edge this season. 

Select The Right Fabrics
A jumper should be made from a soft, durable and warm fabric and we believe the finest fabrics to be merino wool or cashmere. These provide an exceptionally high quality piece while regulating your body temperature and are thus the perfect layering pieces!

Cashmere fibres, more prolonged, smoother and straighter than sheep’s wool, are removed manually with a comb, starting from under the goat’s chin, then spun into a filament ready to be woven or knitted.

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere fibre is one of the highest forms of insulation. Its insulation capacity is three times higher than wool, making it ideal for regulating your body temperature. Cashmere is used so much across knitwear and scarves because the yarn is perfect for keeping you warm but not too hot.

Layer Over Your Shirt
Pair your festive jumper with a smart Oxford shirt underneath for a layered and stylish look. The collar should be open and sit nicely above the crew neck of your jumper. Ensure your colours complement and match well, for example, a white shirt with navy or green, or simply opt for a tonal look.

Adding a layer of shirting underneath your jumper means you have a novelty and festive approach but with smart undertones to suit a family dinner or more formal occasion.

Pair With Smart Accessories 
The right accessories can finish an outfit off perfectly and ensure you are looking formal and confident for Christmas Day dinner. A pocket square paired across a blazer or jacket with a smart fold will give your outfit a traditional finish.

Your pocket square should ideally be hand-rolled and contain 100% silk to catch the light and ooze elegance. If you are celebrating Christmas this year in a formal restaurant or dinner setting, then be sure to add lapel pins and cufflinks for a defined formal look. 




Pocket squares can really define an outfit and create a sense of luxury, style and elegance. Therefore we have highlighted our three favourite pocket squares perfect to wear over the festive season. 

The Monarch of the Glen 

It wouldn't be Christmas without the presence of the classic Reindeer. Representing a red deer stag, this pocket square encapsulates the grandeur and majesty of Scotland's highlands and wildlife. The Monarch of the Glen shows the stag in command of its environment looking confident and proud. The brown and blue tones within the print are genuinely versatile with any jacket of choice. 

Wine Regions of France 

This silk hand-rolled pocket square is light in colour, with beautiful cream tones defining the map. The neutral backdrop creates a lovely contrast with the highlight colours of yellow and red to wear ideally with multiple items across shirts, ties and knitwear.

The pocket square portrays a fine drinking map of the principal wine regions of France 
and was designed by Mary Holdsworth c.1950.. It is a very unusual and highly decorative map that works perfectly with any Navy or Burgundy jacket due to the neutral cream background colour.

Teal And Maroon Persian Flower Paisley

In the V&A's collection, this stunning teal-based Pocket Square was created from a sample pattern made for printed fabrics at Garratt Print Works in Wandsworth, London, about 1850. The original design is based on the distinctive paisley motif that evolved from a stylised plant motif over 2000 years ago.

The colours within the print are classic jewel-toned and create an opulent palette, perfect for any Christmas celebration. Wear with Green or Burgundy for a true royal appeal.




It may not come to mind to wear a tie on Christmas Day. However, certain occasions or events may mean you can opt for a classic silk handmade tie to look truly smart this Christmas. 

Sunday Best
If you are celebrating any religious occasions over Christmas or on the 25th itself, we think the perfect handmade tie can create a sense of sophistication and confidence to help you. 

Our ties are handmade in England by skilled artisans to the highest possible standard. We source our fabrics from some of the world's premier fabric suppliers offering ties in silk, wool, and cashmere blends.

Navy Jacket
Shirt and tie combinations for a navy tailored jacket are very adaptable and by far the easiest to put together. For example, wearing a white shirt underneath means you can be experimental with colour by choosing bold, dramatic hues and texture, i.e. knitted ties, chequered ties, etc. 

Pair a navy suit with a white shirt and classic burgundy tie for a timeless Christmas morning look that never goes out of style. 


However you choose to celebrate Christmas this year, we at Rampley & Co wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas. We hope the above has given you some tips and ideas on how to stay sartorial and effortlessly sophisticated on the big day.

However, the main priority is for everyone to enjoy the occasion and spend quality time with those most important in your life. It truly is the most wonderful time of year.

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