What To Wear With A Navy Jacket for Autumn

A navy suit is probably one of the items in every gentleman wardrobe. The modern alternative to the black suit is that it is suitable for many occasions. If you need some guidance on what to wear with it this Autumn/Winter season and how to dress up or down, then we are here to help. This guide includes the below:

  • What colour tie to wear with a navy suit?
  • Shirt combination ideas to wear with a navy suit
  • Office wear vs wedding occasion style guide
  • Does a white shirt go with a navy suit?
  • What colour shirt to wear with a navy suit?


navy jacket


Your first step when pairing up your navy suit is understanding which shirt to wear. Undoubtedly, a white shirt has proven to be the universal colour combination of choice. Fabrics will also be a key factor here; opt for sateen or cotton poplins for formalwear, and oxfords or twills for a casual setting. Your navy suit can be worn in a corporate environment with a tie, but it can also be worn on its own, with a cutaway collar, for a more relaxed ensemble.

If you choose to wear a navy suit with a tie, almost anything goes; play with pattern mixing, stripes and colours to accentuate your look, or you can pair your suit with a tie in a matching tonal navy if less brave, but try adding textures or perhaps a knitted tie option?

navy jacket


Navy is a very versatile colour meaning you can play with a variation of ties to pair with your suit and shirt. You can play it safe with a navy suit red tie combination or be a little more adventurous with some pattern. In terms of colours, grey and navy blend perfectly and are suitable for business attire, while tonal dark blues work well for wedding occasions.

Other primary popular colour ties with a navy suit are seasonal. In autumn, we advise choosing dark, rich colours to pair your navy suits, such as forest greens, deep reds and brown tones. Summer months, you can be a little more colourful with baby blues, pinks and mint greens. To complete the look, a silver tie clip, cufflinks, and brown leather shoes would give your suit an indeed sartorial edge.

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grey tie
tie navy suit


Brown Shoes
Can you wear brown shoes with a navy suit? Brown shoes are traditionally seen as a more flexible option than black, and brown shoes with a navy suit is a classic combination to style together. Even though they're less formal than black oxfords, they still look smart, and you can undoubtedly wear them whenever you would wear black if that's not an option. We would opt for brown brogues or loafers as the footwear of choice.

Silk Pocket Square
A highlight or pop of colour running through your pocket square can really add a touch of finesse and class to your navy suit outfit. Ensure you capture tones that compliment your tie and shirt choice, but don't be afraid of a print or pattern. Ideally we advise not matching your tie and pocket square is a singular solid colour, this and more are covered in our definitive guide. The fold of your pocket square can also add some flair to your outfit; check out our folding guide here.

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Merino Wool Socks
Can you wear black socks with a navy suit? Even though barely visible, your sock choice with your navy suit says a lot about your personality. Black socks are definitely allowed with navy, but as a rule, we would avoid black socks and brown shoes, so ensure you are thinking about this on your footwear choice. Socks with your suit can be tonal or plain in lovely merino wool or don't be afraid to add some pattern and interest to your sock option to show your creative side. 


merino wool socks
merino wool socks


What's the difference between a business suit and a formal suit? Technically nothing, but it's standard in business to only require a two-piece jacket and trousers, whereby in formal and wedding wear, a waistcoat is appropriate. 

Wedding Guest
Your navy suit can be paired with a matching waistcoat if you want a dressier option; the shirt choice can be a more fancy fabric such as royal Oxford or Silk. Tie and pocket squares are more common together in wedding guest suits, so ensure you match or at least compliment your choices.

Business Attire
A navy suit is the perfect business wardrobe staple, so we suggest having a few options across fits and button types so you can have a backup option. White shirts are every day within business suiting, with navy or grey ties the colours of choice; however, don't be scared to pair with a striped tie for a bit of elegance in your 9-5.


The navy suit is a menswear icon and a classic choice to get you most outfit required events effortlessly. As the navy base colour is super versatile, it gives you options to be creative in your shirt, tie and accessories choices; hopefully, we have started to guide you through here, but if you ever after bespoke style and outfit advice, be sure to drop contact us at info@rampleyandco.com and our online client styling team will be happy to assist. 

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