Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square
Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square

Green Wheat Fields by van Gogh Pocket Square

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Vincent van Gogh, Green Wheat Fields, Auvers, 1890

Wear this with our Light Grey Superfine Wool Jacket and Navy Shantung Silk Tie.

  • 100% Silk
  • Hand Rolled
  • Designed and Printed in Britain
  • 42cm x 42cm

Green Wheat Fields by Vincent van Gogh stands as a pinnacle of Post-Impressionism, capturing the essence of the wheat-laden landscapes in the Auvers-sur-Oise region, where the artist spent his final days. In this masterpiece, devoid of human figures, the painting is dominated by a windswept field, depicted in a striking interplay of rich greens and blues, brought to life by van Gogh's characteristic sweeping brushwork and thick impasto technique.

Beyond mere representation, van Gogh’s fascination with wheat fields goes beyond just representation and becomes a means of deeper contemplation. He revisited this motif numerous times throughout his career, each iteration imbued with a profound sense of the cyclical nature of existence. To van Gogh, these fields symbolised life’s perpetual ebb and flow, of birth and decay. Amidst the swaying stalks, he found solace and a wellspring of inspiration, drawing from their timeless rhythms to fuel his creative fervour.

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When you look at the images of the pocket squares you imagine them to be good. But when you hold it in your hands and see the intricate details you’re just blown away. Can’t recommend enough. Absolutely a little slice of luxury. Zak - United Kingdom

I just took delivery of my first Rampley pocket square and I have to say I'm absolutely thrilled. The quality is far superior to any other pocket squares that I own. The complimentary collar stays were a nice gesture, too. First rate company, first rate product. Trevor - Canada

I have ordered several products from Rampley and Co and in each instance it has been an absolute pleasure. The pocket squares that I have are of unmatched quality with exceptional colour, design and cloth. Even though I am located in Sydney, the customer service (particularly Emily) has been flawless and willing to ‘go the extra mile’. The shipping is very prompt and well presented.


Ben Brewster - The Cuff

Over the past couple years I've become more cognizant of the spark that a well-chosen pocket square can add to tailoring, and the exceptional designs from Rampley & Co are a big reason why. The classic art pictured on each square is undoubtedly the brand's signature appeal, but even smaller details like intricate border patterns and hand-rolled edges give each piece a one-of-a-kind feel.

Linus Norrbom - Menswear Influencer

From a person that feels naked without a pocket square in the chest pocket of my jacket, I can honestly say that Rampley & Co. have changed the way I look upon pocket squares. It is truly a great joy wear a piece of art in your pocket. They feature carefully selected artwork motifs, beautifully printed on high-quality silk and well handcrafted with nice hand-rolled edges.

Jamie Azzopardi - Celebrity Stylist

For the past couple of years I have followed the journey of Rampley & Co and I must say I am such a fan of their work. Their attention to details, fine British construction and ability to uniquely collaborate with an array of businesses, both fashion and art based, not only pulls at my heartstrings, but as a stylist and lifestyle blogger, gives me sincere hope that art and fashion do have a mainstream future together.

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