What Pocket Square to Wear with a Blue Jacket

A pocket square is the quintessential accessory that adds a touch of sophistication and personality to any jacket, particularly when paired with a navy blazer. In this blog, we will guide you through the art of styling a pocket square with a blue jacket, providing expert tips and inspiration. From colour coordination to fold choices, we'll help you create a refined and eye-catching ensemble.

Consider the Pattern 

When selecting a pocket square for your blue jacket, it's essential to consider the pattern of your blazer. If your jacket boasts a strong pattern, like a bold check, opt for more muted colours, and patterns in your pocket square. This ensures that the pocket square doesn't overpower the overall look. On the other hand, if your blazer is a solid colour, you have the freedom to be bolder in both colour and fold choice.


Watch How To Pair Accessories With a Patterned Jacket



Formality and Balance

When choosing your pocket square for a formal occasion, a safer choice is to opt for a plain or lightly patterned square in a conservative fold. If you wish to add a little more personality, a fine art square with muted tones can be an equally elegant choice.



Flamboyant Flair

For those seeking a more flamboyant and expressive style, consider contrasting your accessories against the suit colour. For a dark or navy blue, we'd recommend rich jewel tones of burgundies and greens. If your blue is softer and paler, then vibrant oranges and rich gold tones are an excellent choice to offset your jacket. 


navy jacket yellow pocket square Black pocket square edges



Pocket Square Folds


Once you’ve chosen your square, there remains the all-important decision of how to fold your pocket square. As mentioned, you should match your fold to the occasion, but also keep in mind that certain folds will lift the colours in your square. The classic pocket square fold is known as the flat fold or presidential fold (seen on the left below),and is often seen in classic images and TV programs set in the 50's and 60's. While this evokes images of another time, it now really only works for formal events. We would definitely advocate experimenting with folds that are a bit more flamboyant.

Casual pocket square folds tend to be more popular now, such as the puff fold (middle image). If you are looking for what some would consider a fancy pocket square fold, then something like the wave fold (below right) would fit the bill.


All the folds above work well with silk pocket squares, providing the square is at least 40cm in size so there is enough weight to hold the fold in place. We are often asked, what is the best pocket square fold? That really comes down to personal choice, and the occasion, but if for everyday wear, you can't really go wrong with a puff fold. 

In the playlist below we've released our first three folding videos, The Crown Fold, The Puff Fold and The One Point Fold.



By following these expert tips, you can effortlessly elevate your style when pairing a pocket square with a blue jacket. Remember to consider the pattern of your jacket, and strike a balance between formality and personal expression. Whether for a formal event or a casual gathering, a well-selected pocket square adds that final touch of elegance and individuality to your ensemble.