What Makes Our Piuma Egyptian Cotton Crew Necks So Special?

With Spring now in full season, it’s time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe and how to stay not only stylish, but appropriately cool during those warmer months. 

Our Piuma Egyptian Cotton Crew Necks make the perfect layering piece to wear as a lightweight standalone option or softly layered with your tailored jacket or blazer. We want to explore the properties and details behind this finite fabric and how it’s carefully sourced and made from our expert partners. 

Below we will discover:

  • What is Piuma Egyptian Cotton?
  • What are the differences between Egyptian Cotton vs Pima Cotton?
  • What are the properties of Piuma Egyptian Cotton?
  • How to wear your Piuma Egyptian Cotton crew neck during the summer months
  • Which tailored jackets suit a Piuma Egyptian Cotton crew neck?
summer crew neck

What Is Piuma Egyptian Cotton?

'Piuma' Cotton (Italian for the word feather), is a form of Egyptian Cotton, the lightest of all cotton fibres. It has unique and long-lasting fabric properties as it's left out under the sun to mature in the evergreen Nile delta of Giza, Egypt.

As a raw fibre material, cotton actually comes from two different species of plants. The most common type is Upland Cotton, which makes up nearly 90% of all cotton produced worldwide. The remaining, rarer variant of 10% is made up of two higher-quality kinds of cotton — Egyptian Cotton and Pima Cotton, which are both extra-long-staple cotton.

These longer, silkier individual cotton fibres create a premium fabric that is both luxuriously soft and incredibly strong. The Egyptian Cotton touch is tremendously soft and smooth, and boasts a higher absorbency rate vs Pima Cotton.

Considered to be the equivalent of champagne amongst cotton, the finest Piuma Egyptian Cotton is feather-light and produces truly vibrant colours when dyed. After harvesting in Egypt, it is then ring-spun in Italy, producing both supple and durable yarn for quality clothing such as our crew necks


Where is our Piuma Cotton fabric sourced?

Founded in 1987 in Piacenza, Italy, Emilcotoni specialises in cotton yarn production and colouring. They seek only the best fibres and yarn and use the latest state-of-the-art machines to ensure a flawless manufacturing process.

Emilcotoni has been at the forefront of the fabric world for over 30 years: specialising in the creation and production of dyed cotton yarns, manufacturing with common sense and, above all, with raw materials guaranteed in terms of quality and excellence. Certifications, traceability and environmental sustainability, are synonymous with all our guaranteed and authentic collections.

Our own Rampley & Co commitment to protect the environment and people working within the industry goes hand in hand with Emilcotoni and their sustainable sourcing practices and traceability.

As with all the finest Italian fabric manufacturers, their process and skill combine attention, structure, creativity, and ethics equally. As a result, Emilcotoni is a balance of tradition and comfort, encompassing all the modernity and class we associate within our collections and products.

What Makes Piuma Cotton Crew Necks So Special?

The Giza cotton used on our lightweight jumpers is one of the finest fabrics within luxury and design, with a guarantee of quality and constancy over time for an ever-lasting product. Our crew neck jumpers offer a timeless product thanks to the consistency of the fibre, which is controlled and tested at each harvest.

Once the raw materials are sourced, they are then processed in Emilia-Romagna, Italy using leading-edge technology to become a precious yarn collection. Once the yarns have been sourced and spun, it's then handmade by expert craftsmanship into your warm, stylish and luxurious Piuma Cotton jumper.

The beauty of our strong partner relationships with first-class mills and manufacturers means we have direct control over our production, from fibre to yarn and the end result.

This ensures we have a detailed and meticulous manufacturing process. In addition, there are rigorous checks within our production process, ensuring quality and luxury is always the key priority for our Piuma Cotton crew necks.

Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton

Our Piuma Cotton, a form of Egyptian Cotton crew necks are designed with organic cotton as standard, using the latest innovative technology to produce eco-friendly fabrics.  All our yarns come with a more crepe-like hand feel, perfect for the summer season that offers complete breathability within our crew necks.

The colours used within the collection have been designed to enhance the fibres best and includes only sustainable and long-lasting dyes. Furthermore, all of our Egyptian Cotton items are subjected to additional voluntary checks at each step of the supply chain, thus providing a further guarantee about our commitment to quality and sustainability.

This careful verification process is entirely traceable and allows you, the customer, to know precisely what you are buying, from its origin to the product's packaging.

All of our summer crew neck collection carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 testing certification. This ensures every component of our products, i.e. every thread, zip and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and ensures that your long sleeve top is therefore harmless for human health.


Our Piuma Egyptian Cotton crew necks are under 200g in weight, designed to be super lightweight and durable to wear all seasons. Simply wear this item like a long sleeve top in hotter months, or layer it under your coat or jacket for added comfort and warmth.

Now that you understand the fabric origins and manufacturing process, we wanted to explore three easy ways to style this fine cotton fabric in the coming months.

Wear as a Standalone Top
As mentioned, all our Piuma Egyptian Cotton crew neck jumpers are lightweight and soft to touch, meaning they make the perfect summer wardrobe top to wear as a singular item. In addition, the fabric has subtle yet breathable qualities to allow air to transfer throughout the material, keeping you cool during the summer months but still having the textures associated with a classic knitted jumper. 

We would style our Piuma Cotton crew necks with a classic pair of pleated flannel or wool trousers, creating a casual but sleek look that will suit many occasions, such as a dinner party or a family gathering.

Flannel trousers light grey tassel loafers

Style Under Your Blazer
We love seeing all kinds of knitwear layered underneath a crisp, smart, tailored jacket or blazer. A new trend over the last few years, knitwear removes the need for the classic shirt and tie combination but allows you to still look smart but with a different edge to your outfit.

Our Piuma Egyptian Cotton crew necks make the perfect layering pieces to wear under your tailored jacket for a work event or summer wedding. Pair with a complementary pocket square as shown below to the colour of your jumper to finish off the outfit in style.

Wear Over Your Button-Down Shirt
Layering your jumper over your shirt is a classic look that will work across many occasions when it’s a little cooler during those transitional months. The solid colour of the soft, versatile cotton fabric will create a neutral base whilst also ensuring a smart ensemble that will still show your button-down shirt underneath.

The iconic white oxford shirt is the go-to choice here but feel free to be creative with your jumper and shirt combinations; for example, a navy cotton jumper layered over a striped white and blue oxford will be a flawless look.

The fine and premium cotton used within our collection means the jumper will be lightweight and durable, so a good tip is to ensure your shirt is a tonal or similar colour to avoid any clashes.


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