Wool Flannel Smart Trousers

In this weeks journal product focus series, we will discover more behind our premium flannel wool trouser collection. Our three colour collection of classic flannel trousers are made by expert craftsman in our partner mills and factories in Italy, making them perfect for every occasion. Below, we will explore the beautiful flannel fabric used in our trousers and the different design features prominent across the collection.

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Our trousers use semi-worsted flannel virgin wool, offering a premium fabric, clean hand-feel and luxurious finish. This delicate fabric ensures the trouser have a natural texture within the wool fabric, whilst ensuring a clean drape across your legs.

Our stunning textured flannel fabric comes from the world-renowned Loro Piana, who have been a leader in fabric manufacturing for over 100 years. The family-run business has been making fine fabrics for six generations of skilled craftsmanship. The fabric used on our flannel trousers is a wool and cashmere blend, ideal for impeccable trousers that fit perfectly.


Flat Front
Our flannel trouser collection comes flat-fronted for a clean, contemporary look. Flat fronted trousers is where the material lies flat in front near the zipper. Flat fronts are an alternative to pleated trouser fronts, which are worn on the waist, just above your hip bone. Flat front trousers are typically worn bit lower, on the hips, making them slim looking and slightly more fitted. 

Side Adjuster
Side adjusters refer to the attachments on the side of your trousers that allow you to modify the width of the waistband. 

The buckle side adjusters are a premium feature and a formal-looking option for a sophisticated look. They work on a pulley system, where you pull a strap, and the waistband tightens. This allows the waistband to become approximately 5cm smaller. However, the trousers cannot get any larger. We advise to go one waist size up to ensure that the trousers fit you when you are at your largest, and then use the buckle to make the waistband smaller as and when you need it.

The side-adjuster is a simple and elegant way of keeping your trousers in place without the need of a belt. They are great for travel as it is one less thing to forget to pack and and there is no hassle or worry about matching the colour of your belt to your shoes. 

Unfinished Hem
The hem refers to the finish and bottom of the trouser legs, usually seen finished or unfinished, to determine the trouser length to suit each gentleman. Typically, flannel trousers have a 2-5cm rolled hem to create a brilliant, layered finish to the trousers and differentiate them from formal suit trousers. 

We offer our trouser collection in an unfinished leg, with an additional option to add a hemmed finish through our partner tailors. Alternatively, select our unfinished option where your own tailor can hem to your exact requirements with either a plain finish or a cuff of any width.

flannel wool trousers


Flannel trousers are extremely versatile and work perfectly with all shirts, polo tops and tailored jackets, offering a smart-casual finish to any outfit. The subtle texture found within flannel means it will complement most commonly used jacket fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, and cashmere. For your footwear, we would suggest matching your trousers with a pair of classic brogues or oxford shoes for a timeless look.

Below we explore three classic items that in your wardrobe to pair with your new flannel trousers.

Navy Tailored Jacket
Grey and navy are perfect complementary colours, both cooler in tone, meaning they work within most menswear outfit settings. A navy jacket is extremely versatile, meaning it can be dressed up or down depending on the shirt or jumper layered underneath.

Flannel trousers add texture and warmth to any navy jacket look, which will ease you from desk to dinner. The textured fabric within flannel will complement any natural jacket fabric, from wool to linen, for a superb finish and eye appealing look.

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Cashmere Jumper
Cashmere is one of the softest fabrics available, and the warmth and cosy nature of the fabrics work perfectly with any flannel trouser. Keep the colours neutral across creams, greys or browns to create the perfect autumnal outfit. 

Pair your flannel trousers with a roll-neck or crew neck jumper for a smart casual look that would look perfect for any Sunday dinner setting. 

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White Oxford Shirt
Oxford shirts are a staple item in any gentlemen's wardrobe and provide a classic yet versatile look across all kinds of outfits. Oxford fabric is a soft cotton twill that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Worn with a smart jacket, oxford shirts create a timeless look that pairs perfectly with any flannel trousers. The pairing of an Oxford shirt with your flannel trousers means it will be suitable for work and more formal occasions.

Simply remove your jacket and unbutton your shirt slightly to create a casual look if required. An open collar, as shown below, creates a less formal look, whilst a button-down collar paired with a grey cashmere tie offers a smart outfit with your trousers.


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1.  Our trousers use the most delicate semi-worsted flannel virgin wool sourced from the beautiful mills of Loro Piana. This ensures it’s high in quality, has a clean hand-feel and offers a luxurious finish. Our high-end trouser fabric offers a natural texture within the finish, drapes perfectly across your legs, and feels ultra-delicate to touch.
2. Our stunning textured flannel fabric comes from the world-renowned Loro Piana, who has been a leader in fabric manufacturing for over 100 years. The family-run business has been making fine fabrics for six generations of skilled craftsmanship. The fabric used on our flannel trousers is a wool and cashmere blend, ideal for impeccable trousers that drape perfectly.
3. We take the utmost care in the design execution of our flannel trousers, which results in truly remarkable levels of detail. Within the collection we offer our trousers with a flat front pleated fold and side adjusters as standard. All our fabric is yarn-dyed in house and put through an extensive testing process to ensure the quality is second to none. Our flannel trousers come in three timeless menswear colours, offering you full versatility with any outfit.
4. Our flannel trousers have been designed and produced with our partner mills of highly qualified and expert craftsmen. The luxurious virgin wool fabric used across the collection comes with a substantial weight of 320g, this ensures that the trousers are breathable and regulates your body temperature in the hotter months, whilst also keeping you warm in winter.