Our Favourite Wedding Outfits To Wear This Season

With the sun brightly shining and summer just around the corner, you probably have an array of wedding invites coming up, either locally or abroad. Therefore, it’s time to dust off your braces and decide what new jacket or outfit you want to wear this wedding season.

To help guide you, we have curated our own wedding edit from our favourite jackets, shirts and smart accessories within our own collection. Below, we will explore in more details what you should be wearing to a summer wedding and how to stand out in style.




We have carefully curated our edit of 14 luxury items that would work superbly as a wedding outfit, be it your own or as a guest for a close friend or family member. Below we explore some of our must have items in more detail.

Linen Jackets
Linen jackets are perfect for summer events such as a wedding, keeping you cool while looking suitably smart. Our two-piece collection of linen sharkskin weave jackets are made from the finest linen and wool blend fabric and features a classic cut that can be dressed up or down.

The light blends of grey, blue and white linen create the perfect summer jacket for any occasion. On top of a classic and timeless jacket, that is perfect for the warmer months; we offer you your choice of fine art lining to ensure you have something truly unique to add to your wardrobe.

Classic White Pocket Square
Perhaps the most classic wedding item of all is the men's white pocket square. The key reason being that this square works with every jacket and pattern combination, there are no real white pocket square rules to take into account when selecting your chosen outfit.

The white pocket square is a subtle yet sublime menswear wedding accessory that suits any type of tailored jacket, no matter the fabric, pattern or colour. The white pocket square can be the perfect accent piece to finish an outfit. Our collection of premium white pocket squares is available across three classic fabric basis, all with their own benefits and unique natural properties. 

Contemporary Tie
Selecting the right tie to complement your outfit is crucial to any wedding attire. From the colour and pattern to the shape and width of the tie blade, it’s essential to ensure it pulls the outfit together and is visually appealing.

We have included four classic options from our handmade tie collection within our wedding edit, including fine fabrics such as shantung silk and merino wool. Perfect for making a classy statement.

Long-Sleeved Polo
The great news about our long-sleeved polo shirt is its versatility. You can easily dress this item up or down, depending on the occasion. This item works perfectly for any summer weddings, either locally or abroad. Simply wear this item as your outer layer for a smart-casual finish, or wear under your tailored jacket for a smart finish instead of a classic formal shirt.


To help with your wardrobe choices this wedding season, we wanted to give you an insight into some of our favourite pocket square folds to use with your tailored jacket. The right fold can create a visually stunning look that will ensure you look sartorial and superb for any wedding event.

In the short video below, as part of our YouTube Pocket Square Fold Series, Alex explores four classic pocket square folds that are perfect to use for a wedding. 


There are some classic colour combinations when pairing your shirt, tie or pocket square with your jacket colour that will always look immaculate. But why do some colour combinations look more harmonious than others? This is explained by colour theory, where particular colours are more complementary to each other and are therefore more pleasing on the eye.

As an aside, colour theory is derived from the colour wheel that was devised by Sir Issac Newton in 1666, showing the relationships between colours.


Utilising the colour wheel, there are some basic rules to follow that will ensure your wedding outfit always looks harmonious. The main one being simple, where any two colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel create a high contrast. Usually one colour forms the base, while its contrasting colour provides the accent.

Let's take for example, navy and yellow. Taking a classic navy jacket, any pocket square with a shade of yellow will always look striking. It's the direct contrast that really makes the magic happen.


You really don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons at a wedding, so we have created three simple rules to ensure you stay on the right side of sartorial elegance.

1. Check What Colour The Groomsmen Are Wearing
You don’t want to be mistaken for a potential usher or groomsman by wearing similar colours. Many grooms will opt for a classic navy suit, which doesn’t mean you have to avoid this colour yourself. Perhaps check what accent colours the gentlemen are using for their ties or cravats and simply avoid these!

2. Don’t Go Too Casual
The rule is clear; it’s ok to look overdressed vs being undressed. However, weddings are a formal occasion, so people will expect you to be dressed suitably for the event. This means under any circumstances, there is no room for the following items at a wedding; t-shirts, jeans or trainers. Not even if you are only an evening guest.

3. Ensure Weather Appropriate
Check the weather before the big day to ensure your outfit is not only smart, but also weather appropriate. For example, in the summer months or for an abroad wedding, why not opt for a linen fabric shirt or suit to ensure you stay cool. Likewise, in winter, ensure you have a thick wool overcoat that complements your outfit in case of any rain or cold snaps.


Now you know which pocket squares to use with your summer wedding outfit, the next step is ensuring you use the correct folds. 

Folds can add creative flair and style to your jacket and outfit of choice, with many different folds available, from the classic flat fold to the flamboyant three peaks. Every type of pocket square fold has its purpose and attractions.

Below, as part of our YouTube pocket square fold series, Alex explores how to fold a pocket square perfect for any wedding.

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