Our Complete Guide to Buying a Tailored Jacket Online

Buying a tailored jacket online has traditionally been approached with some trepidation. However, with the standardisation of sizing, accurate size charts, and the ability for the customer to tailor their jacket to their own sizing, ordering a jacket online and ensuring it fits perfectly first time is now very straight forward.

Below we’ve created a quick guide on the key things to consider when choosing a jacket, and some of the reasoning behind our own jacket choices. To see our full jacketing range click here: Tailored Jacket Collection.

Firstly, we have a video presented by Leah exploring our jacketing range and explaining how easy it is to order your very own online. 

The Most Important Consideration

When buying any tailored jacket, the most important consideration is always the shoulder measurement. For the most part, if you get the shoulders right, everything else can be altered if need be to ensure you have a beautifully fitted jacket.

Jackets have quite standard sizing, so generally you can cross reference one of your own jacket sizes such as 40, 42 etc. in the UK and US (50, 52 etc. in the EU). However, we also have sizing charts that you can cross reference on the website so you can double check by measuring the shoulder (in centimetres) of a current jacket to ensure the right fit. For the shoulders, you only need two measurements as set out in the diagram below, The 'Shoulder Width' and the 'Top To Top'. You can see our full sizing charts here: Jacket Sizing Charts.

Fit and Length

Once you are happy with the overall size based on the shoulders, it’s quite straight forward to choose the fit of 'slim' or 'regular' and the length of 'short', 'medium' or 'large'. Again, we'd recommend cross referencing the size against a current jacket to check the measurements. On the image above check the measurements (in centimetres) for Jacket Length and Arm Length.

If you are ever between sizes we'd recommend going for the larger size as the size or length can always be taken in but generally can't be taken out.


When we wanted to launch our own jacketing range, the obvious partner to provide the finest fabrics was the world-renowned Scabal of Savile Row. Scabal not only supply most of the tailoring houses on Savile Row, they also work with many of the worlds best known luxury brands such as Tom Ford and Christian Dior. In the video below Andrew Goldberg of Scabal explains what makes their fabric so exceptional.


For all of our jackets, we have gone for classic, timeless styling features. The main reasons for this being it makes them exceptionally versatile in that they can be dressed up or down, and they are timeless in their design so they will always feel current.

Below we’ve outlined the key styling choices we’ve made.

Lightly Padded Shoulders
We have light padding on the shoulders as this gives a little bit of structure to the jacket without coming across as too structured or formal and gives the wearer a nice silhouette when worn.

Notch Lapels
Notch lapels are a little more casual than peak lapels and therefore it’s easier to dress our jackets down with a nice pair of chinos or jeans. However, when paired with a solid or lightly patterned wool or silk tie you can instantly be ready for a more formal setting.

Lapel Width
We’ve chosen a medium width for the lapels as these pair nicely with all standard ties (generally around 8 cm (3.15 inches) wide), but in addition they work well for all body shapes.

Button Configuration
We have chosen a standard two button configuration. The key reasons being the two buttons fall lower on the jacket than three buttons, which creates a deeper V shape from the longer lapels. This has the positive visual impact of making the wearer appear taller and has a slimming effect on the body. It also nicely frames your shirt and tie.

For the pockets we have both flap and patch pockets. The flap pockets are a little more formal, with the patch pockets generally seen as more casual. For this reason we’ve put the patch pockets on the more patterned jackets, as patterned jackets tend to be more casual and are more likely to be dressed down.

Working Buttons
Of course as with all high quality jackets we have working buttons on the cuffs, and we have opted for ‘kissing buttons’ where the buttons slightly overlap each other and are slightly more prominent on the cuff. In general, most people leave the buttons on the cuffs done up at all times, but it can be nice to release the cuffs on a warm summers day. Also, by releasing the buttons you can style the jacket more casually.

As with most modern jackets, we’ve gone for two vents at the back to ensure the jacket is comfortable to wear when seated.

Jacket Lining

The jacket lining is not only functional, providing added structure to the jacket, helping to retain heat in winter and stopping it from wrinkling, but can also be an added design flourish that makes it personal to you.

What really makes our jackets unique is the selection of bespoke linings you can choose from. The printed lining shouldn’t be considered something that is overly extravagant, but should be something that is personal to you and makes you feel something every time you put it on. This is something nicely explained by one of New York’s best known bespoke tailors (and minor movie star), Leonard Logsdail, who we supply with our linings.

Jacket Reviews

Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed, so you can be sure that you will be delivered a jacket that exceeds your expectations. Don't take our word for it though, see some of our Trustpilot reviews below. 

You can see more product reviews on Trustpilot here: Rampley & Co Reviews.


Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed so we will provide a full refund if you are not completely happy with your purchase.


If you have any questions for us or need any help around our jackets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at the following address: info@rampleyandco.com

To see our full jacketing range click here: Tailored Jacket Collection.