Our Best Tips When Travelling With Tailoring

We often get asked about the best tips for keeping your tailoring pristine while travelling. As part of our Video Details Series, Leah and fashion consultant Chris Modoo explore some handy tips to use when on your travels to ensure your tailoring stays sharp and ready for any occasion. 

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Ensuring your tailored jacket and trousers stay fresh and ready for any occasion can be a challenge whilst travelling. A tailored jacket is three-dimensional by nature and can therefore get easily get flatted and creased while in a suitcase. 

Gentle Steam in the Bathroom

Our first tip to keep your tailored jacket crease free is to empty all the pockets, unbutton, and hang in bathroom using a correct and full shoulder hanger. You can steam the jacket yourself using a hand-held travel steamer or simply allow for a natural steam from the hot water by running a shower. 

Why do you suggest to undo the buttons?
A lot of people commonly mistake buttoning up a jacket as a reason to help keep its shape and and structure. However, doing the button up actually creates extra pressure on the thread and button, and could become dislodged. The only time we suggest doing a jacket button up is whilst wearing it.

Travelling With Trousers

Our first tip for keeping trousers fresh and clean whilst travelling is to avoid trouser presses which you can sometimes find in hotel rooms. Incorrect use of a trouser press can damage the trouser if set on a heat that’s too high. It can also cause the trousers to become shiny, and press the creases in wrong place.

Instead, we suggest to use correct hanger trouser clips and always ensure you hang from the cuff and leave in bathroom for a light steam as this will help keep them clean and precise. How? The weight of the waistband helps pull the whole trouser back into shape.

Use a Correct Trouser Hanger

You can use the same tips even if you aren’t travelling and while at home. If spacing allows, simply use a correct trouser clip hanger to keep your tailored trousers pristine and in shape, the benefit of these types of hangers is that they prevent mis-folding in the wrong creases. 

There are cheaper alternative hangers, such as a chrome wire hanger shown below. These are great for hanging your trousers from the cuff, and are lightweight enough to easily fit in your suitcase whilst travelling.

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