How to Measure a Suit Jacket or Blazer - Online Buying Guide

In our latest Video Details Series, Leah demonstrates how to measure one of your own jackets for purchasing a new jacket online.

Buying a jacket online that fits beautifully is actually a surprisingly simple process if you take a few comparison measurements off one of your own jackets. Our size charts are below in both centimetres and inches. 

In the video, Leah discusses the below four key measurement points:

  • Shoulder Width (know as the Point to Point measurement)
  • Jacket Length
  • Jacket Sleeve
  • Waist Measurement
We've also made a few further notes below the video that you might find useful. You can find our full jacketing range on the following link: Tailored Jacketing Collection



Below are our tailored jacket sizing charts. The measurements are set out for our slim and regular fit jackets in both centimetres and inches. We have included some additional measurements should you wish to compare with the four key measurements starting with the Point to Point (shoulder width) first.

In terms of length, S (short) is the total length set out below minus 2.5cm and minus 1.5cm for the sleeves. L (long) is the total length plus 2.5cm with the sleeve length plus 1.5cm.


Slim Fit CM

Regular Fit CM


Slim Fit Inches

Regular Fit Inches


There are two main things to keep in mind. The most important measurement is the shoulder width (known as the point to point measurement), shown first in the video. The reason for this is as long as the jacket fits across the shoulders, almost all other aspects can be adjusted by your local alterations tailor who tend to be very affordable. 

The other rule of thumb is, if you are in doubt between two sizes, always go for the larger size as a jacket can be taken in, e.g. waist, length, sleeves etc, but can't generally be taken out.


To begin, take a measuring tape and choose one of your own jackets fits you well. In the video we have demonstrated on a mannequin, but you can just as easily do this on a table.  

1. Shoulder Width (Point to Point)
Known as the point to point measurement, measure across the back of the shoulders from the seam of the sleeve head to the opposite seam. This is an important measurement as some people typically wear the same size but have different shoulder widths.

2. Jacket Length
Measuring the length of the jacket enables you to know which option to select across our short, medium or long lengths. Start by lifting the collar, then place the tape measure where fabric meets the collar at the seam in the centre of the jacket then measure all the way down to the bottom hem of the jacket. 


3. Jacket Sleeve
This is usually easier if you place the jacket on a hanger first. Take the tape and place it just above the sleeve head to take account of any shoulder padding, then measure down the centre of the sleeve to the end of the cuff.

 4. Waist Measurement 
The final step is to take a waist measurement, which will enable you to choose if you require either a slim or regular fit jacket. For best results, you need to take a waist measurement directly off your body. To do this, put the tape around your waist at the widest point and take a comfortable measurement.

waist measurement for a jacket