Five Ways You're Ruining Your Tailored Jacket

In our latest Video Details Series, Leah is joined by fashion consultant Chris Modoo to discuss five ways you can avoid ruining your tailored jacket.

Using the below tips will ensure your jacket stays in pristine condition for a long-lasting product. Our tailored jacketing range features fabrics from the world-renowned Scabal, while also allowing you the unique feature of being able to choose your own fine art silk lining from our collection. 

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1. Choose The Correct Hanger

The first way you could ruin your jacket as discussed within the video is the type of hanger used. It’s advisable to never use wire coat hangers as they don’t support the jacket. If you dry-clean your jacket, sometimes they are returned on wire coat hangers, but these should be instantly replaced. Use a correct jacket hanger with a wide support, which will ensure the jacket hangs correctly and fits better.

2. Hang Your Jacket Correctly

If you are in the office or outside of your home, try and always hang your jacket correctly rather than place on back of a chair. For prolonged wear, hang your jacket whenever in the office or travelling, this will ensure the jacket will hold it’s shape better. If out for dinner for short periods of time, it’s okay to rest your jacket on the back of the chair on the odd occasion, but for no longer than 40 minutes. 

3. Never Use Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are a quick fix, but fills the garment with particles of glue which can cause damage over time. Always use a good clothes brush to clean and wipe excess from your jacket. For further details on this, be sure to watch our specific video on why not to use lint rollers.

4. Use Pockets Sensibly 

There are plenty of pockets on your jacket, such as your chest pocket for a suitable pocket square. You also have inside pockets for items such as your wallet, keys, notebook etc.
The tip here is to never over stuff a pocket, use wisely and in proportion to your jacket. Over-filling your pocket can cause damage and affect the fit of your jacket, especially across the chest. After using, remove all contents when hanging your jacket for a prolonged life. 

5. Never Wear With A Rucksack

Within the video, the number one way to ruin your tailored jacket is to use a rucksack. Rucksacks have their place and use in everyday fashion and menswear, but should never be used with a tailored jacket. The shoulder straps on a rucksack wear away at the fabric and damages the shoulder pad. If used constantly, you could even lose the entire shoulder line. We suggest using a holdall or tote bag instead.

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What Makes Our Jackets So Special?

1. As part of our commitment to sustainable fashion, we choose to work with only the finest fabrics to make our jackets. Our fabrics are supplied by the world renowned Scabal, whose heritage English mill located in Huddersfield, England has existed since the 16th century.
2. All our jackets are made to order by master tailors with years of experience. The attention to detail, and delicate finishing touches result in a truly special jacket that will see you through life.
3. We fit your chosen lining from our collection of stunning silk linings, including works from masters such as Canaletto, Giordano, Turner and Rubens. Our silk printing process ensures incredible levels of detail and colour. We can also print bespoke linings for a truly one-of-a-kind jacket.
4. We offer our jackets in both a regular and slim cut. This along with lightly padded shoulders give the jacket a modern, clean cut. Our jackets feature classic styling that can be dressed up or down. Medium sized notch lapels, kissing buttons, flap pockets and double vents.