How To Layer A Wax Jacket

In our video below, Leah is joined by Chris Modoo to demonstrate a number of different ways to layer a wax jacket. All the products featured are linked below the video.

Outfit 1:
Olive Wax Jacket 

Maroon and Sky Blue Diamond Repeat Wool Tie

Navy Cashmere Quater-Zip

Outfit 2:
Olive Wax Jacket 

Dark Brown Cotton Crew Neck

Stone/Biscuit Flannel Trousers

Outfit 3:
Olive Wax Jacket 

Light Grey Merino Wool Polo Shirt

Outfit 4:
Olive Wax Jacket 

Light Brown Cashmere Crew Neck

Grey & Cobalt Glen Check Cashmere Scarf

Video Transcript

Hi, today we’re going to layer a wax jacket.

I’m Leah from Rampley & Co and today I’m joined by Fashion Consultant Chris Modoo. So today we’ve styled up a wax jacket, what can you tell us about this look?

This is a classic piece of clothing for the country and in keeping that theme I’ve picked a wool challis tie, with country tones to it. The dark red, the green, layered that with a beautiful cashmere quarter zip, which is very comfortable, very warm and insulating, But to give it a pop of colour, the bold striped shirt really lifts the whole outfit. This would be a fantastic outfit for doing business, where you need to be outside, possibly in inclement weather.

Tell us about this look Chris.

Teaming the wax jacket with an open neck button down, is a very typical, smart city look. Teamed with a lightweight cotton sweater, it’s just a really easy smart look.

And what trousers would you pair with this?

I’d keep it relatively smart, maybe a pair of tailored wool trousers, maybe in biscuit flannel would look very elegant with some dark brown loafers.

Also the thing about wearing an Olive coloured wax jacket, sometimes people get caught up with it being a country look, and it is a great country look, but doesn’t mean you can’t wear other colours or other styles of clothing with it. As I’ve shown here, this is a really lovely light grey merino wool polo shirt, looks great with this jacket, I’m treating it more like a bomber jacket, rather than a country piece of clothing.

How would you finish this outfit?

Again rather than doing the typical cords or moleskins what you’d normally see with a wax jacket, just a pair of modern, slim leg chinos and some white sneakers, it’s a nice look going to the football or the rugby, or for errands at the weekend.

So do you want to talk us through this casual look?

Yes, this is probably the least formal way of wearing a wax jacket, over just a very simple light brown cashmere sweater. Very comfortable, you could team this with some dark jeans and some sturdy brown boots, like a chukka boot, maybe a lace up, but what I think adds a bit of interest to it which is really important, is this beautiful cashmere scarf. With the glen check pattern, the blue will pick out the blue of the jeans, the beige colours match the sweater, and it just has a bit of pop of colour at the neck, plus a layer of warmth.

All the products featured in todays video are linked in the description below.

Thanks for watching, we’ll see you next time.