5 Classic Tie & Pocket Square Combinations for a Navy Jacket

There’s nothing quite as essential to a man’s wardrobe as a navy jacket. Whether it’s a classic business suit, a soft-shouldered sports jacket or a traditional navy blazer, it’s a timeless garment that always looks good.

This being said, we wanted to share with you some easy and helpful style combinations that will work perfectly with any navy jacket. In the below video, as part of our YouTube Style Series, Alex explores some classic colour combinations to wear with a your navy jacket.

Classic White Shirt
Within today's post and as shown on the video above, we're going to be showcasing our looks with the classic white shirt, which gives you a blank canvas to work with when paired with a navy jacket. Therefore, you only need to think about picking a complementary colour from your tie to match your pocket square, or go for a completely contrasting combination.

When choosing your pocket square, we would never advise to have your tie and pocket square exactly matching in colour and pattern, so keep it complementary or contrasting, and you will always look immaculate. Some classic colours work perfectly with any navy jacket, as shown below across five timeless combinations.

Navy Tonal Combination 

navy jacket tonal navy tie

A tonal navy tie can easily make your navy jacket smart and suitable for any formal event. Our first combination shows our Navy Prince of Wales Merino Wool Tie and The Cutty Sark Pocket Square. This is a more muted combination, giving a tonal and cohesive feel, and is perfect for when you’re looking to make a professional impression. 

Although the tie looks plain to the casual observer, on closer inspection you will see both the subtle patterns of the prince of wales check and the textured merino wool in the tie, adding a little added interest while complementing the colours of the pocket square.

Burgundy Combination

navy jacket burgundy tie

Another classic combination to use is one that always pairs well together; navy with burgundy. Above we have our stunning Crimson Red Wool Cashmere tie and are pairing it suitably with The Colours, Advance of the Scots Guards at the Alma pocket square. This combination harmonises beautifully with the navy jacket and you can add more contrast in the pocket square by showing more of the lighter hues.

One of the most classic and often used combinations, you will never look out of place when pairing navy with crimson or burgundy. We also do love the hint of texture that you get with a wool cashmere tie.

Crimson Red Wool Cashmere Tie 
The Colours, Advance of the Scots Guards at the Alma 

red wool tie
silk pocket square

Brown Combination

navy jacket brown tie

Moving on, we are now going to discuss brown hues, which always work perfectly with any navy jacket. Above you can see we are utilising our Brown Glen Check Merino Wool Tie from Fox Brothers. We’ve paired this with our Before the Race by Degas pocket square. Brown and navy is truly a great combination, that in our opinion is underused and always works well as they’re complementary colour palettes.

The pattern of the tie is beautiful with lots of earthy gold and camel tones weaving in and out of the brown fabric, but what makes this tie a knockout is the subtle aqua overcheck. 

For the pocket square, again, it’s important that you have enough of a colour contrast to the jacket, but something that accentuates the tie. The brown and yellow tones with some highlights of green makes this a perfect addition to this combination.

Brown Glen Check Merino Wool Tie
Before the Race by Degas

brown check tie


silk pocket square

Brown & Cream Combination

navy jacket brown and cream tie

Following on with the theme of earthy tones, for our forth combination we’ve also leaned towards the brown colour palette with our Brown Gunclub Check Merino Wool Tie, also from Fox Brothers. This time we have introduced cream tones to break up the colour palette. To help do this, we’ve paired it with the beautiful pocket square from our collection, Goldfinch by William Lewin.

By adding these new elements into the outfit, we’ve gone for a strong contrast with the white and cream hues, that pairs with the cream overcheck with the tie. This provides a beautifully subtle pairing and one that shows a man that pays attention to the small details.

Brown Gunclub Check Merino Wool Tie
 Goldfinch by William Lewin

brown check tie

Saffron & Gold Combination

Our final choice is a more casual combination with our stunning Navy, Saffron and & Cream Striped Shantung Tie paired with the Palace Guard Pocket Square.

Yellow and golds are right up there with burgundy as a classic pairing for navy that you can never really go wrong with. The navy in the tie compliments the jacket, whilst the cream and saffron really pop through for a wonderful colour contrast. With the stripes angled in the classic British fashion (down from right to left), and the strong contrast of the pocket square, this is bolder look for a relaxed social occasion. 

Navy, Saffron and & Cream Striped Shantung Tie
Palace Guard Pocket Square

navy yellow silk tie
silk pocket square

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