Jacket Lining FAQs

How many panels of the fine art linings are required per jacket?

There are no set rules with how our linings can be used and we've found tailors have been highly creative with how they are cropped and inserted into different jackets.

With our fine art panels, the most popular option has been to use two per jacket. This enables you more creative control on which part of the image to show as the focal point whilst also allowing the tailor to line up the main section along the back seam. However, below are some recommendations based on our experience with tailors and customers around the world so far:

One Panel
Key elements of the image can be featured on different sections of the jacket lining, such as the back and side panels. Difficult to line up the image along the back seam due to a need for seam allowance in this area.

Two Panels
This allows the image to be lined up through the centre seam and is perfect for linings that feature a large central image. 

Three Panels 
This allows for a more complete recreation of the image, with the key elements of the painting being able to be joined up through the back and side panels to create a truly stunning impact. This is ideal for more complex works or artwork that has that extra special meaning. 

How many metres are required for the repeat pattern linings?
As there is much more flexibility around where the linings can be cut and used, we've found 2m is enough to complete a jacket.

Can linings be retrofitted? 
Yes, you can take the linings to your tailor to replace the lining in your favourite jacket.

Do different jacket sizes have different linings size requirements?
No, our lining panels are large enough that they can be used in all sizes of men's or ladies jackets, and will be cut as required by your tailor. The linings themselves are either landscape or square, depending on the original work, and are 118x98cm or 98x98cm in size.  

Do you offer bespoke linings?
We can indeed reproduce paintings, images and designs for bespoke jacket linings. We’ll work with you to source a high resolution version of an image to work from as well as helping with any licensing restrictions. For any questions around our bespoke linings please email us here: bespoke@rampleyandco.com.