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With its official definition being fine, ultra-soft wool originating from the Kashmir goat, cashmere symbolises luxury, wealth and comfort that every gentleman needs in their wardrobe. It is a fine natural fibre obtained by combing the coat of the Capra Hircus Laniger (the Cashmere Goat), which lives in a habitat where there are vast temperature changes, dropping as low as -40 degrees, leading to the development of a more refined, more prized undercoat known as down.

In our video below, Leah explains what goes into a quality cashmere jumper. You can view our full collection here: Cashmere Knitwear.

Our rare and unique fibre (down) comes from the remote regions of Inner Mongolia. Cariaggi, our partner mill based in Italy, selects only the best A Grade quality cashmere. It is then processed using leading-edge technology to become part of their precious yarn collection. Once the yarns have been sourced and spun, it's then handmade by expert craftsmen into a warm, stylish and luxurious cashmere jumper.

Cashmere Goat
The extraordinary properties within cashmere of lightness, softness and temperature adjustment, with a greater natural insulation than traditional wool, make our cashmere jumper collection the perfect choice almost all year round.


The Kashmir goat is found roaming the hilltops of Asia, namely Inner Mongolia, China, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan. The mere fact that it takes two to three Kashmiri goats one year to produce enough cashmere for one of our jumpers will give you an indication as to why cashmere products are more sort after and expensive than other natural fibres.

Cashmere fibres, longer, smoother and straighter than sheep’s wool, are removed manually with a comb, starting from under the goat’s chin, then spun into a filament ready to be woven or knitted. So luxurious are the fibres of the Kashmir goat’s fleece that it’s alleged the Arc of the Covenant of the Old Testament was lined with it.


With over 60 years of sourcing experience, Cariaggi (est. 1958) is a yarn factory located in the green surroundings of the Marche Apennines, Italy. Owner and founder Aurelio Cariaggi had the vision to forge an immensely successful pure cashmere wool business. With three generations of successful product research and innovation, Cariaggi is known as the most prestigious spinning factory in the world.

The Italian manufacturer has been processing and selecting high-class cashmere fibres for countless years, constantly ensuring that its yarns are top-quality and exclusively “Made in Italy”.

Cashmere yarns

Today, the Cariaggi yarn factory is still considered to be cutting-edge and top-class for cashmere. They are known for using sophisticated and environmentally friendly production methods whilst combining the characteristics of cashmere fibre with totally customised technology that guarantees and highlights the typical Italian taste for craftsmanship, creativity and quality.

As part of our Cashmere Jumper Collection, we only use 100% two-ply pure cashmere from the exclusive Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection. This ensures the finest quality and a guarantee for outstanding softness and durability.


The first point of call is selecting which fabrics to use in the collection, ensuring the design and quality of the cashmere are second to none. Whilst this is one of the most luxurious materials, not all cashmere is created equal or sourced in the same way across mills. In addition, factors such as durability, hand feel, insulation and pilling will vary significantly between sumptuous cashmere and cheaper, blended alternatives.

To ensure and capture the quality required for our jumpers, the process must carefully select the best fibres of Capra Hircus Laniger from Inner Mongolia. Due to the location and extreme weather conditions, a fibre with exceptional thermoregulatory qualities is created, protecting both from the lowest and the highest temperatures. The fibres selected can reach an average length of 40 mm and finesse with a micron of 15.5.

Bales of raw cashmere fibres, known as 'flock', are gathered for processing. Cariaggi selects only the finest yarns from the most content, untroubled goats in their natural habitat, which translates into incredibly soft and luxurious pieces. After the raw cashmere is sourced and dyed, it passes through various machines to ensure the fibres are perfectly blended and then collected onto spools.

The spools are then placed onto a spinning frame, stretching and twisting the yarn simultaneously to create resistance, elasticity and strength, as shown below. The spun yarn is then collected onto cone-shaped spindles.

The spindles are placed in a spooler and wound, whilst sophisticated electronic sensors inspect the fibres for any imperfections. This is where the cutting-edge technology of Cariaggi meets traditional Italian craftsmanship. The cashmere yarn is then produced with unique expertise and rigorous quality controls at each manufacturing phase.

Knitting, the final stage of the production of our Cashmere Collection, takes place in Reggiolo, Northern Italy, just east of Parma. Our partner manufacturers have over 250 years of experience in superb craftsmanship to ensure the final product is high in luxury, design and finish.


What is the secret to our superbly soft and luxuriously cosy cashmere sweaters?

Most of what makes our jumpers unique has to be the cashmere source and the happiness, health, and general well-being of the goats from which the wool is combed. The Carriagi farms are located in the Marche Region, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, close to the beautiful Montefeltro area. A historic and prosperous region, it is an area of vitality and calm alongside superb weather conditions for cashmere goats to live a full and pleasant life.

These rare conditions are perfect for the humane production of high-calibre pure cashmere. The end result is the incredible softness, luxury and quality you will find in all our jumpers.

Another crucial reason why our cashmere jumpers are so special is through the precise yarn creation in high-tech facilities, where Cariaggi Fine Yarns Collection welcomes and trains expert hands and sharp minds. These specialists look after the carded and combed spinning of fine fibres to create the soft and delicate fabric on your cashmere jumper.

Skilled hands and a high-tech approach are also used within the quality control process. This is where our partner mills and manufacturers test the product in every phase of the production process, from spinning to the final garment. Tests include resistance analysis, pilling, colour fastness, filing and photometric colours verification and interior washing to test the yarn finish. This is to ensure an impeccable product and a first-class finish.

Finally, the Cariaggi cashmere factory has a dedicated design department and a colour centre to study and develop products and colour lab dips. Many hours are spent using high-end technology and professional teams to create the perfect dye ‘recipes’ to make up the required yarn and thread colours. This means we can offer our customers the latest jumpers that are current but still luxurious & timeless.


We have explored the depths between our stunning cashmere cloth and how it’s sourced and produced. However, there are also practical and sustainable reasons why cashmere is the most delicate fabric to use on any knitwear. Below we explore some of the key benefits.

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere fibre is one of the highest forms of insulation. Its insulation capacity is three times higher than wool, making it ideal for regulating your body temperature. Cashmere is used so much across knitwear and scarves because the yarn is perfect for keeping you warm but not too hot.

Given its insulating qualities, cashmere jumpers can be lighter than those made of wool and still keep the perfect body temperature.

The diameter of cashmere fibres is minimal, creating super soft yarns and a fine texture. This also means there will be zero itchiness compared to a wool jumper as the density of fibres is much higher than wool, and therefore the surface is not scratchy. This gives a much softer touch than normal wool or artificial fabrics.

Lightness & Durability
Cashmere will hold its form and shape throughout its lifetime, as it does not shrink when washed correctly and will improve over time and washes. Ensure to dry clean and wash correctly to maximise durability. 

Pilling is a natural occurrence in knitwear that happens when short fibres twist around themselves in areas of the jumper where there is more friction, creating small round bobbles. It’s essential to purchase the highest quality cashmere vs synthetic or cheaper alternatives to ensure less pilling occurs.

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Our dedicated selection of the best cashmere supplier and the best artisans, together with our attention for great design, perfect yet comfortable fit and timeless colours, make our Cashmere Collection truly exceptional. You will experience a soft, durable and distinguished product. The quality, time and effort result in the finest cashmere to create pieces that will last a lifetime. 

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