Why a Stylish Backpack Is Perfect for Everyday Use

The iconic backpack has been a universally loved bag since its early military beginnings. We have elevated the standard nylon sports backpack with premium materials which means it can slip effortlessly between corporate and leisure environments.

In our latest product focus we look into the backpack's origins and look at some of the key features of our new range.



Although people have carried items on their backs or in small pouches for thousands of years, the known backpack didn’t come to the forefront until the late 1800's.

In 1874 the American Colonel Henry C Merriam designed a backpack for use by the infantry, which was the prototype of today’s small, frameless backpacks. In 1938, Gerry Cunningham then elevated this further and designed the first backpack using a zip. Finally, in 1952 Dick Kelty created an aluminium-framed backpack, meaning by the 1960s, two technical innovations were in existence.

Despite its early origins being primarily used for military purposes, the turn of the Twentieth Century also saw a rise in the popularity of the backpack for recreational uses such as hiking.

The 1960s saw the rise of the term ‘backpacker’ as travel became more accessible and people explored new areas of the world. This then led to schools adopting the classic nylon backpacks that replaced the more traditional shoulder strap bags and messengers.

Versatility Is Its Key Strength

A premium and well-made backpack has multi-functional uses and should be able to take you from causal settings such as the gym straight the workplace, while provides a versatile option for weekend leisure activities.

Well made backpacks can be worn to work and still look professional, as they're designed to look good in the work environment. The best examples are usually made from leather or leather/canvas combinations. We have opted for the classic British fabric of waxed cotton. The main reason for this being both the wax and leather develop their own unique patina over time with the general day to day knocks and scuffs that backpacks endure. This patina gives it a unique character and is one of those rare products that looks better as it ages.  

A Stylish Option For Modern Commuting

As the classic nylon backpacks were originally associated with gym, hiking and leisure, they are design with function and cost over form. However, with modern city living, many people cycle or walk to work and a backpack is often the most convenient choice.  By choosing a backpack constructed from premium fabrics you get the functionality of a traditional backpack, but with the elevated look and style that doesn't look out of place in the corporate environment.



Our Waxed Cotton Backpacks are available in either Navy or Olive. Below we explore some key features you should expect from any premium-style backpack.

Size & Volume
Our backpacks have a generous size, to carry your laptop along with all your other everyday items. Our Waxed Cotton Backpacks dimensions of 50cm high by 32cm wide, by 28cm deep, which will provide enough capacity for most of your daily trips.

Waxed Cotton Coating
Our backpacks are made from 100% waxed-cotton fabric and were initially developed for seafarers travelling between Scotland and Scandinavia. This required the fabric to be unbelievably rugged and, of course, water-resistant. From these early origins waxed cotton products have become a quintessentially British fabric, most famously used in the inimitable waxed jacket.

The key to the fabric, other than its natural protective properties, are the natural markings it develops over time when folded, handled and worn. This will give your backpack its own individual patina, and this bag will continue to look better as it ages. 

Padded Shoulder Straps
We have added generous padding to the leather shoulder straps to ensure the backpack is exceptionally comfortable whilst wearing.  

Leather Trims
Our backpacks feature premium Italian leather from Tuscany for an exquisite finish. Our Veg-tanned leather is imported from Tuscany because it's the finest available to the industry. 

Vegetable tanning is a process that is centuries old and today is a combination of ancient recipes and advanced technology. This slow process transforms the raw hide into leather and each hide has its own slightly unique tones.

Premium Zips
We chose Riri zips as they are considered to be the highest quality zips in the world with enhanced durability and a buttery smooth operation. Our leather zip pullers feature debossed branding intentionally orientated for left and right, while the solid brass hardware beautifully complements the styling of the bag. 

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