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The classic silk tie is a versatile piece every man should own, it is adaptable in both winter and summer months. However, if you’re looking for a more casual and fashion-forward look, perhaps a skinny wool tie could be the more suitable option. We’ll take you through different types of ties for men, occasions to wear them and most suitable tie colours.

The knitted wool tie has seen a surge in popularity over recent years as it's a trendy option for young, casual tie wearers. It is a transitional item that looks smart both in and out of the office. 

Darker colours work best in a business environment when paired with a suit such as dark greys and navy blues. However one of the advantages of knitted ties is that they come in a variety of colours, so be bold and experimental if you are wearing a tie for a relaxed, casual event.

Wool ties are typically worn as a winter necktie due to their thickness but also because winter tie colours are usually darker and more muted. Wool does not absorb dye as vibrantly as silk does, and cashmere wool ties are not suitable to be printed on. In addition, wool ties will keep your neck warm and are water resistant due to the hydrophobic nature of the fibre.


Knitted wool tie
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The skinny tie, favoured by younger tie wearers for its contemporary look, has been worn on the red carpet, on the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield. The key thing to keep in mind with the skinny tie is having a jacket that has relatively narrow lapels, as your tie and lapel should be a similar width. However, it can also be dressed down and worn with a chequered shirt and jumper for a dressed down daytime look. 

Skinny Tie
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Cotton and linen ties are the best summer neckties as they pair well with light summer suits.  The material is light, keeping you cool which is perfect for outdoor summer events. Cotton ties allow you to be more bold and experimental during warmer months as cotton can be printed on. Patterned ties not only add a splash of colour to any event but also inject more personality into your outfit.

Cotten Tie
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For events such as business meetings or formal parties, the wide silk tie is the perfect piece to turn to. ‘Silk tie’ can be a very broad term for ties as they can be made be constructed from different weaves, printed using various techniques which will change the overall feel and aesthetic.

Wide Tie
Image Source: gentlemansgazette.com

Silk woven ties are resistant to wrinkling, in addition, certain weaves will create a better drape and will last longer in terms of durability. Using silk fabric for ties is extremely popular as silk absorbs dye particularly well, colour stay vibrant and lightfast for longer.

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Nowadays types of ties for weddings can vary greatly due to expected wedding attire varying according to trends and changing fashion. For the groom and his groomsmen, it is best to stick to the colour palette of the flowers.

Wedding Ties
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In addition to material, weight and colour it is also important to consider the fit of the tie.  An ill-fitting tie will make the rest of the outfit look messy and unkempt. Make sure the tie is not too long; ideally it should sit between the top and bottom of your belt. Keep your tie looking pristine by taking care when untying and store your tie by rolling them up neatly to avoid wrinkles. 

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Updated: 10th February, 2018


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