Three Ways To Wear a Brightly Coloured Tie

Many gentlemen can be put off when it comes to wearing a brightly coloured tie. Some may be afraid of standing out for the wrong reasons or simply do not understand how to style or wear a tie with the rest of their outfit.

Here at Rampley & Co, we love all things bright and beautiful, including our handmade silk and wool ties collection. With the sun shining and glorious recent weather, our beautiful array of coloured ties have become instant favourites.

Therefore, we wanted to share some straightforward styling ideas for matching a brightly coloured tie to the rest of your outfit. 

 Today we will be covering the following:

  • Can you wear a light tie with a dark shirt?
  • Should your tie match your trousers?
  • How to wear a brightly coloured tie at work
  • What jacket colours work well with a bright tie

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      gold tie navy jacket


       burnished gold tie

      1. Match Your Tie Pattern to Your Suit Jacket

      To start, it’s good to know the types of patterns ties can come in. Tie choices often come in two forms, plain solid colours or colour patterns. These patterns can be broken down into print categories, are often seen in either geometric shapes, florals or stripes. 

      When wearing a blazer or tailored jacket with a pattern, such as our gold geometric print tie, it helps to ensure the colour will complement your tailored jacket and not clash.

      Of course, it often pays to limit patterns to only two or three colours, so go for a plain shirt if you want to add a patterned tie. But if you are so bold to add multiple patterns, keep it to three maximum, and choose patterns of different sizes and widths, so they complement rather than compete with each other.

      Below is an image showing a great example of mixing a medallion print tie with a subtle stripe shirt. The stripe is a soft pink and very fine in detail, giving full focus and attention to the tie. 

      Speaking of medallions, our favourite pattern across tie prints has to be the timeless Macclesfield Neats. More prominent and larger patterns, called medallions, are also representative of Macclesfield patterns. However, it does not always mean that they have been printed in Macclesfield, and sometimes they are simply referenced as geometric patterns. 

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      2. Wear With a Clean White Shirt

      Another easy way to ensure your brightly coloured tie will suit your outfit is to wear it against a white shirt. Your tie against a clean white shirt backdrop will showcase any textures and bring the pop of colour to the viewers' forefront. We find bright ties are suitable for casual or less informal settings, and darker shades work better for a more formal event such as dinner parties or black tie.

      Mixing a pattern or bright tie against a patterned or coloured shirt brings specific rules and risks. Pattern clashing is when two designs are worn simultaneously, creating confusion for the eye of where the focus point should be. But, of course, you want your tie to be the focus, so we suggest avoiding brightly coloured or patterned shirts in this instance.

      Wear your brightly colours tie against a white crisp shirt for a neutral backdrop

      3. Pair With a Similar Colour Jacket & Pocket Square

      One easy rule to pull off a bright or patterned tie is to ensure the colour of the tie is complementary to the colour of your jacket and pocket square. For instance, most navy suits will really pop and show confidence with an orange tie, especially if they have small blue geometric patterns within the print.

      However, navy is exceptionally versatile, so it still allows for other colours such as green or brown that will still work perfectly. In our opinion, the versatility of the navy jacket makes it the best background for any brightly coloured tie.

      Charcoal suits are also a staple of any gentleman's wardrobe. It is a colour more adapted to winter, especially with wool or flannel fabrics, but charcoal suits can be worn all year long, as long as the fabric is light enough for the warmer months.

      Grey is another versatile colour that allows you to be quite adventurous with your tie. The scarlet base colour within our floral tie below complements darker colours very well, and they can be considered the best combination for winter and autumnal outfits.  


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      1. All our ties are handmade in England by tie makers with decades of experience producing the finest ties. This ensures that each tie is entirely unique as well as being produced to an exceptionally high standard. We carefully select our interlinings based on the individual fabric being used, which ensures the perfect balance of weight and movement to prevent creasing.

      Moss Pindot Fox Brothers Tie

      2. We choose to work with only the finest fabrics to make our ties. Our wool and cashmere fabrics are woven in the UK from the world renowned Fox Fabrics and Scabal. We also only work with the finest silk, printed in Macclesfield, England, an area that traces its history of textile production back hundreds of years.

      Fox Brothers Fabric Book

      3. Our ties are produced as a classic 3-fold tie with a self-tipped finish, which provides a nice weight while not using an excessive amount of fabric. Self-tipping is widely considered as a finer way to finish a tie, where the back of the blade is made from the same fabric as the tie itself. Self-tipped ties are generally found on premium quality neckwear due to the higher cost of production.

      Self tipped grey and white pinstripe

      4. We produce our ties with the versatile dimensions of an 8cm (3.15 inches) wide blade and 150cm (59 inches) long. This ensures our ties will pair nicely with the width of most jacket lapels. We also add a stretch loop while slipping the tie, a continuous piece of thread that allows the fabric to move when worn. This special stitch is another indicator that a tie is handmade.

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