Richmond Unstructured Blazer

In our latest Product Focus Journal Series, we discover and delve deeper into one of our favourite new additions: the Richmond Blazer.

Blazers have been a menswear classic for many years, but the shift in trends toward casual aesthetics and the new formal means updates to shapes and guises of the classic tailored jacket.

Our unstructured Richmond Blazer is the perfect option for a smart yet casual look that will transform your life. Made from premium wool and cashmere Loro Piana fabrics, our two classically coloured blazers are the perfect new purchase for your wardrobe.

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What Is an Unstructured Blazer?

The term unstructured gives away the details behind this blazer. It still has the outer shell and trims you would expect from a fine tailored jacket without the sharp definition seen in tailoring, offering you a relaxed and more casual aesthetic. Our new classic unstructured blazer is perfect for any occasion, offering a smart yet comfortable finish.

The main difference between a tailored jacket and an unstructured blazer is the part removal of lining and shoulder pads. Additionally, unstructured blazers have a natural sleeve head, which creates a timeless and casual sports jacket.

Unstructured blazers are often seen in a regular fit, ensuring its versatile with all types of clothing. The fit of our blazer has been carefully curated to be highly comfortable, suiting all body types.

Due to the reduced lining and thinner shoulder, an unstructured blazer is lightweight and breathable vs a tailored jacket, creating a superb layering piece. This suiting style has become prominent in recent years as we see a shift towards more casual tailoring.


Buying a jacket online that fits beautifully is actually a surprisingly simple process if you take a few comparison measurements off one of your own jackets.

The main point of measure to ensure your jacket is not too tight is the shoulders, it’s really crucial to get a well fitting shoulder. Ensure you look at size charts when purchasing online to understand your key measurements. 

In our video details series, we explore the main differences between a tailored jacket vs a tight one, including the four key signs to watch out for that your jacket is fitting too tight.


Our stunning textured wool and cashmere fabric come from the world-renowned Loro Piana, who has been a leader in fabric manufacturing for over a century.
Wool has always been the preferred choice of cloth for our tailoring jacket and blazer collection, and Loro Piana, the premium Italian mill, offers the most refined version. The addition of cashmere into the blend gives our unstructured blazers a softer handle and superior drape.

Loro Piana has been a world leader in fabric manufacturing for nearly 100 years and was founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana in Quarona, Italy. The family-run business has made fine fabrics for six generations of skilled craftsmanship.

Benefits of Wool & Cashmere Fabric
Wool and cashmere fibres are among the highest forms of natural insulation, ensuring you are kept warm. Its insulation capacity is three times higher than other synthetic fabrics such as polyester, making it ideal for regulating your body temperature.

Wool and cashmere are often used across premium menswear tailoring before the fabric is perfect for keeping you warm but not too hot, especially in the warmer months. The fabric used on our Richmond Blazer make it the perfect transitional jacket across all seasons. The unstructured nature of the design means it won’t crease or damage as easily as a tailored jacket if you remove when inside or at work without a clothes hanger.

Design Features Seen On Our Richmond Blazer

Half Lined
Sometimes referred to as 'buggy-back', our Richmond Blazer comes half lined as standard, which is one of the main differences between this and our tailored jacket collection.

The two-piece fine silk lining used on our blazers is curved and overlaps across the back of the shoulders, inside the blazer. Half-lining the blazer gives just enough form and structure to the jacket without the bulk often found in fully lined blazers.

Hybrid Collar
Our Richmond Blazer is designed with a soft natural lapel shape collar which can be turned upwards into a clean military look. This ensures that the blazer is versatile as a smart blazer option or a clean-cut casual sports jacket.

Taped Seams
Taped seams enhance the waterproof protection of your jacket or blazer. This process involved within standard needle stitching leaves tiny holes in any garment through which water can seep when worn in wet conditions. However, the use of taped seams within our blaze will prevent this from happening, making it more waterproof as your outer-layer jacket.

Patch Pockets
This is an added design feature on the front of the blazer to allow for three-dimensional texture to the outfit. It adds enhanced design, but it’s also a functioning feature, providing you with a handy place to store any loose change or small items such as your sunglasses or wallet.

Soft Shoulder Line
Structured shoulders have a piece of padding beneath the fabric for shape and support. This creates a more robust shoulder line and gives a blazer a tailored finish. As this is an unstructured blazer, we have designed it with no padding, allowing the fabric to follow your body for a relaxed finish.

Removing the shoulder pad allows unstructured blazers to be more comfortable and more casual in use; a blazer that wears more like a cardigan.


Style with a T-Shirt
Sports luxe is a new term and trend for mixing causal softs with classic tailoring, such as wearing trainers or sneakers with formal trousers. Layering your cotton t-shirt under this unstructured blazer will create a smart but relaxed finish, perfect for layering. It’s perfect for the warmer months when it can be too hot to wear a shirt under your jacket or blazer.

Ensure the colours complement each other when paring, although you can never go wrong with a classic white t-shirt.

Layer with a Summer Crew
Giza Egyptian Cotton is one of the softest fabrics available, and the unique properties and nature of the fabrics work perfectly with this unstructured wool and cashmere blend blazer. Made with the finest 100% Piuma Egyptian Giza Cotton blend spun in Italy, our crew necks have been designed to be worn against the skin with cooling and breathable properties in summer while also being anti-wrinkle and fast drying. 

Keep the colours neutral across creams, greys or browns to create the perfectly balanced outfit. Layer your Richmond Blazer blazer with a simple crew neck jumper for a smart casual look that would look perfect for any formal setting.

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Match with Linen Trousers
Linen trousers are extremely versatile and work perfectly with our new unstructured blazers in the summer months, offering a smart-casual finish to any outfit. The subtle texture and breathable cotton based fabric found within linen means it will complement the Loro Piana fabric used in our blazers. 

We suggest pairing our blazers with a classic grey or stone colour linen trouser and a pair of loafers for a sophisticated yet modern look. 

linen trousers and loafers