Product Focus: Fox Ties

Rather than focus on just one product, this week, we want to shed some light on our Fox Brothers Tie Collection. These ties are made from exceptional cloths, with subtle patterns and textures that make them both elegant and extremely versatile. 

One of our core values at Rampley & Co is to only work with the highest quality materials, and Fox Brothers matches us perfectly in this case. With their appreciation of world-class, timeless designs and the creation of remarkable items at their core, they are the perfect choice for us.

Why Fox Brothers Fabrics?


With a history dating back to the 1760s, and taking the name Fox Brothers in 1772, the company is steeped in history and to this day still holds archives of fabrics with some being up to 250 years old. 

Fox Brothers Logo
During the Industrial Revolution the company owned 9 mills, and employed nearly 5,000 workers by 1900. The invention of "Spinning Jennies", which were able to spin 8 threads simultaneously, saw Fox Brothers become an industry leader, and production increased further when, with improvements in technology, 80 threads were able to be spun at once. During the First Wold War, Fox Brothers won a war contract to produce 8000 miles of khaki cloth for the British Army.

Today, the mill has up to 6 Sulzer looms on the go at any one time, weaving the weft (threads going left to right) through the warp (threads going up and down) of the cloth. Once woven, the cloth is scrupulously examined for discrepancies and rectified if necessary, before it makes its way to a specialist finishing company, where the flannel has its distinctive finish applied.


Fox Brothers only work with the very finest resources to ensure the highest quality finished product, and this has been integral to the global reputation Fox Brothers has forged. The wool they choose to use is premium super fine Merino from Australian wool growers, simply because it’s the finest and softest wool in the world.

Its natural benefits are so great that no other fibre, whether natural or synthetic, can compete. When used for suits, Australian Merino wool is perfect all year round. The crimped composition of the fibre provides unbeatable insulation by condensing moisture and air inside the fibre and providing heat to your body. This means it both draws and keeps moisture away from the skin.

Knowing all of this, when it came to selecting fabrics to work with, Fox Brothers was a clear choice and enables us to work within our sustainable framework to source the best materials and highest quality workmanship resulting in long lasting clothes and accessories. 


Founder Quote

"We are truly honoured to be working with Fox Brothers on a number of items in our range. Their cloth is truly exceptional and has been a fine addition to our tie collection in particular. Supporting British businesses is important to us and to be able to work with one with such an illustrious history and high quality is exactly why we love doing what we do."

Elliott Rampley, Co-founder

What Makes Our Ties So Special?

1. All our ties are handmade in England by tie makers with decades of experience producing the finest ties. This ensures that each tie is entirely unique as well as being produced to an exceptionally high standard. We carefully select our interlinings based on the individual fabric being used, which ensures the perfect balance of weight and movement to prevent creasing.

2. We choose to work with only the finest fabrics to make our ties. Our wool and cashmere fabrics are woven in the UK from the world renowned Fox Fabrics and Scabal. We also only work with the finest silk, printed in Macclesfield, England, an area that traces its history of textile production back hundreds of years.

3. Our ties are produced as a classic 3-fold tie with a self-tipped finish, which provides a nice weight while not using an excessive amount of fabric. Self-tipping is widely considered as a finer way to finish a tie, where the back of the blade is made from the same fabric as the tie itself. Self-tipped ties are generally found on premium quality neckwear due to the higher cost of production.

Self tipped grey and white pinstripe

4. We produce our ties with the versatile dimensions of an 8cm (3.15 inches) wide blade and 150cm (59 inches) long. This ensures our ties will pair nicely with the width of most jacket lapels. We also add a stretch loop while slipping the tie, a continuous piece of thread that allows the fabric to move when worn. This special stitch is another indicator that a tie is handmade.

Brown Glen Check Super Fine Merino Wool Tie

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