Product Focus: Fab Gorjian Collaboration

Baiser Nocturne Fab Gorjian

As summer approaches, we have chosen to shed some light on our modern art designs, produced in collaboration with artist Fab Gorjian. Made with a lightweight summer friendly wool and silk blend, these modern artworks have rightfully earned their place among our best sellers. 

The Artist

"I personally believe art and design must play a large role, as part of our daily visual experience, in improving our spirits. I aim to do this, always, in my work. Another great inspiration for my ideas is elegance. It's such a powerful word, and it means so much. But, essentially, it's about simplicity, understatement, grace. It might become my life's work, trying to capture it as effectively as possible."

We are proud to have collaborated with an artist such as Fab Gorjian, and especially love his view that "to put fine art on cloth and then fold and ruffle it up so that only glimpses of it show is an inspired idea. It explores what's happening "off screen". We couldn't agree more. 

These days, Fab is working on a number of projects; posters for new businesses and travel destinations, label designs, a full deck of cards, some new work made especially for a small gallery. He's also arranging a summer exhibition. "I'm also working on a personal project that is really dear to me: a picture book, made for both children and adults."

Fab Gorgian Portrait

Photo credit: Rikesh Chauhan

Founder Insight

"‘Working with Fab has been an absolute delight from start to finish. Not only is he an exceptionally talented artist, but he’s a wonderful person on top! His passion for menswear and style of art is perfectly suited to Rampley & Co and it’s rare to come across someone that can replicate such beautiful 30s inspired art while being able to deliver it with a touch of modern flare. We hope we’ll be working together on products for many years to come!’" 

Elliott Rampley, Co-Founder

The Compositions

When it comes to inspiration for his works, Batman: The Animated Series was an obsession as a child, swiftly followed by a passion for interwar advertising, specifically British travel posters. Having studied many lithographs in the V&A archives, he developed his idea of what he finds most beautiful in art: striking layouts, bold areas of subtly shifting colour, elimination of fussy detail, strong and defined silhouettes of people. 

"I am a painter, but I feel very drawn to printmaking. Over a year of trial and error, I developed a way to paint which would display some of the key qualities of printmaking, but still remain a painting." 

When it comes to designing his artworks, Fab says "I love a bit of mystery. So, I try to counter all this simple clarity with my composition, by zooming in on moments, leaving most of what's happening "off screen", and letting the viewer fill in the rest." 

The Spark Sketch
The Spark Pocket Square

Two collections

La Ceremonie: “Feeling the anticipation of the event ahead, our gentleman slips on his tail coat before he steps out into the night. Colour palette: Crisp white, cool blue and rich black.”

La Ceremonie Pocket Square

Dernier Verre: “Late in the evening, our gentleman sits in his club. Cigar in hand, sipping on his eternal last drink for the road.  Colour palette: Cognac brown, velvet rich greens and honey warm golds.”

Dernier Verre Pocket Square

Baiser Nocturne“As our gentleman’s head hits the pillow, one final glance to his night stand shows the kiss of a fleeting romance. Colour palette: Crisp white, deep reds and chrome.”

Baiser Nocturne Pocket Square

Spark Pocket Sqare

Spark"A simple request, one morning, for a light begins a trio of pieces telling the brief story of a sunlit romance. Captured here are the sparks, in the moment just before the flame. Colour palette: A dewy summer morning, among grass and pale willow trees, with flashes of suggestive red."

Faster Pocket Square

Faster: "In the gentleman's motor, the pair race along the coast as the afternoon sun dazzles upon the chrome. Colour palette: golden afternoon, blue sky, bright scarves and shining chrome making blinding areas of white."

Tomorrow Pocket Square

Tomorrow: "In a cool twilight by the river, the pair's last evening draws to a close. But there's always tomorrow. Colour palette: setting sun, making pink and purple shadows on white garments, accenting the bold stripes of the boating blazer. Touches of gold, as the sun hasn't set yet."

What Makes Our Pocket Squares Special?

1. We believe that 40cm is the minimum size for a high quality pocket square. Any smaller and it will slide down inside your pocket with any movement of your jacket, while it limits the number of folds you can achieve as there is not enough volume to hold it in place. It goes without saying we would never advocate any form of pocket square holder. All our pocket squares are either 42cm x 42cm or 40cm x 40cm.

Baiser Nocturne Pocket Square Fold

2. We use the finest mulberry silk with our silk and wool/silk pocket squares. The quality of the fabric can be seen in the texture and the level of detail and vibrancy of the finished product. All our pocket squares are printed in Macclesfield, England, an area renowned for silk printing for the past 200 years.

Spark Pocket Square

3. We take the utmost care in printing our pocket squares, which results in truly remarkable levels of detail. Faces, objects and colours are sharp and well defined to give a truly stunning finish. We also take exceptional care with the colour bleed, so the print is almost as crisp on the back as it is on the front, allowing for an unlimited number of folds.

Dernier Verre Pocket Square

4. The art of hand rolling pocket squares is a unique craft and truly makes each piece individual and unique. We feel that the precision and care taken by our skilled artisans gives each square its own unique character, finish and feel. To create the finest rolled hems, the edge of the silk must be softy turned over with a handheld needle and then small stitches are inserted approximately one half to one centimetre apart around the edge, creating a supple yet prominent border.

Spark Rampley & Co Label Handrolling


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