Product Focus: Cotton Pique Long-Sleeved Polo

In this week's journal product focus series, we wanted to feature the latest clothing addition on our site; our timeless long-sleeved polo shirt. Below we will explore the key benefits of a quality cotton pique polo shirt and the premium design and fabric features within. Due to its high versatility, we will also look at how to dress your long-sleeved polo shirt to suit a smart or casual occasion. 

Did You Know? The polo shirt was the first designed to have a buttoned-down collar, which polo players invented in the late 19th century to keep their collars from flapping in the wind.


Polo shirts were first worn by polo riders and made using thick and generally cumbersome Oxford cotton cloth. The polo we know and love today slowly developed over time to allow for more significant movement and comfort. In addition, the fabrics used on polo shirts became more lightweight and breathable, ensuring that they served their purpose.


Our luxurious long-sleeved polo shirts are crafted from the finest 100% cotton pique fabric. The design features long sleeves and a classic fold down collar. It is finished with stylish white buttons and has been created with a regular fit for comfortable, easy styling. Suitable for all occasions, it looks great under a suit or worn casually with jeans for everyday wear.

To ensure the highest quality and design, we have chosen to use our partner mills and manufacturers in Florence, Italy, due to their design techniques, history of iconic menswear, and incredible fabric choices.

Once the premium cotton pique fibres and colours have been carefully selected, they are processed in our partner mills just outside of Florence, using leading-edge technology to become a precious yarn collection. Once the yarns have been sourced and spun, it's then piece dyed & handmade by expert craftsmanship into your cool, stylish and luxurious polo shirt.


Cuffed Sleeves
Within our collection of long-sleeved polos you will see classic cuffed sleeve. Ribbing is often used for cuffs, shirt hems and, more generally, any edge that should be form-fitting. They're primarily created to keep the cold out and the warmth in; that's why you'll notice the cuffs and hem stick to your skin rather snugly. The shirt cuffs provide a formal finish and tailored edge to your long-sleeved polo, making it perfect for work or more formal occasions. 

Quarter Placket Button Neck
Initially designed for playing tennis in France in 1929, everyone knows the classic polo collar neck shape. Our timeless polos come with four buttons, within a quarter placket design, and is perfect for opening and closing your collar, depending on occasion and preference. In addition, the collar shape within our polos has been designed to wing out slightly across the shoulders, offering any gentleman a smart, polished look.


To ensure any polo shirt is luxurious and long-lasting, the correct fabric must be used for a premium, contemporary finish. The most traditional material for polo shirts is undoubtedly cotton pique, which is a robust yet soft cotton double weave with a waffle-like structure and finish. It is easy to care for, breathable and extremely absorbent, making it ideal for polo shirts for any occasion; business or leisure. 

Cotton Pique is a rich, natural material characterised by raised parallel cords or fine ribbing in the fabric. This gives the material a subtle pattern and texture, which can only be seen up close. Cotton Pique is exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear but will also keep you insulated in the cooler months.

Finest Fabric
The cotton pique fabric used on our long-sleeved polos is one of the finest fabrics in luxury and design, with a guarantee of quality and constancy over time for an ever-lasting product. Our polo tops offer a timeless product thanks to the consistency of the fibre, which is controlled and tested at each harvest.

Natural Qualities
Cotton is a natural, airy fabric that is perfect for any long-sleeved polo shirt. The texture and nature of the geometric weave means that it is incredibly breathable. Additionally, cotton is naturally absorbent and doesn’t show perspiration like synthetics fabrics do, helping to keep you dry naturally.

Cotton pique is extremely easy to care for and can wash easily, however we always suggest to hand wash due to the premium fabrics used on our clothing. Cotton pique wicks away moisture, keeping you cool and hiding any perspiration. The cotton pique fabric has a natural stretch and is highly durable, meaning it can withstand the heavy washing process.


The great news about our long-sleeved polo shirt is its versatility. You can easily dress this item up or down, depending on the occasion. Simply wear this item as your outer layer for a smart-casual finish in hotter months, or wear under your tailored jacket for a formal finish instead of a classic formal shirt.

Below we explore three tailored jackets that work perfectly with a long-sleeved polo shirt.

Linen Sharkskin Weave
Linen is the perfect summer fabric choice. Our Light Grey or Blue Sharkskin Jacket is made from the finest linen and wool blend fabric and features a classic cut that can be dressed up or down. The light and airy colours create the perfect look for the warmer months. The natural textures across the linen and cotton pique will complement each other perfectly. We suggest opting for a classic navy colour polo with these jackets.

Glen Check Jackets
If you are looking for a bolder statement, we suggest a timeless check jacket pattern to wear with your long-sleeved polo shirt. Our Grey and Burgundy Glen Check Jacket is made from the finest 100% wool fabric, and features a classic cut that can be dressed up or down. This jacket shown below is layered beautifully with our polo shirt, and features a glen check weave that uses a blend of blue, ivory, hazel, burgundy and grey which when combined give a gorgeous effect from a distance.

Classic Navy Wool
There is nothing more timeless and versatile than a classic navy jacket or blazer. Our navy superfine merino wool jacket features classic styling that can be dressed up or down, and comes as standard with medium sized notch lapels, kissing buttons, flap pockets and double vents. Navy will work with any colour choice from our collection. If you want to opt for a smarter look, then you can easily create a formal outfit by layering your tailored jacket over your polo shirt. By doing the collar buttons up all the way, an instantly smart look is formed.

Further Reading:

What Makes Our Long-Sleeved Polo Shirts So Special?

1. Our polos are made with the finest cotton pique fabric, all spun in Italy. The unique fabric properties of our polo collection such as temperature regulation and breathability make them the perfect choice by using beautiful and high-end fabrics that provides a superior step up on the classic cotton polo.
2. Once the raw materials are sourced, they are processed in Emilia-Romagna, Italy using leading-edge technology to become a precious yarn collection. Once the yarns have been sourced and spun, it's then handmade by expert craftsmanship into your timeless, stylish, and luxurious polo top.
3. We take the utmost care in the design execution of our short sleeve polos, which results in truly remarkable levels of detail. Within the collection we offer our polos with a ribbed hem, chest pocket and three button quarter placket as standard. All our fabric is yarn-dyed in house and put through an extensive testing process to ensure the quality is second to none. Our short sleeve polo tops are available in eight timeless menswear colours, offering you full versatility with any outfit
4. Our long-sleeved polo tops are perfect for all four seasons, as our choice of cotton pique fabric is exceptionally soft and comfortable to wear but will also keep you insulated in the cooler months.Our premium fabrics also have the benefits of being anti-wrinkle, fast drying and anti-odour.