Product Focus: Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket

Up next for our Product Focus series is the founder favourite: our Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket. This jacket is made in a classic cut which allows for the jacket to be dressed up or down for any occasion. The full product page can be viewed here: Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket.

Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket

Our Fabric

Our jackets are made with the world-renowned Scabal fabric. This jacket is made from 100% wool and features a hopsack weave that uses a dark brown, red and grey blend to give the appearance of a brown from distance while providing a unique blend of colours when viewed closely. Although hopsack is usually associated with a rougher weave, the fine wool gives this jacket a beautiful texture, while making it exceptionally soft to the touch.


Our jackets feature three panels (included in the total price) of your choice of fine art silk linings, and feature some stunning works from masters such as Canaletto, Giordano, Turner and Rubens. We use three linings panels, so that the image can more accurately be aligned within the jacket to provide a stunning finish. You can view our full jacket lining collection here: Jacket Linings.

We are also able to print bespoke linings for a jacket that is truly personal to you. For any questions around bespoke linings please email us here:

Founder Insight

"Our Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket is made from the finest Scabal 100% wool, and is my absolute favourite jacket within our collection. I actually wore this jacket with the same lining shown for my wedding a couple of years ago. My wife is from the Midwest of America so the Last of the Buffalo was the perfect lining. The fabric itself is an intricate pattern featuring a subtle red and grey detail that delivers a brown aesthetic until held closer to the eye. Navy jackets are of course the most popular and widely bought but it’s jackets like this that get you noticed and remembered."

Elliott Rampley, Co-founder

What Makes Our Jackets So Special?

1. All our jackets are made to order by master tailors with years of experience. The attention to detail, and delicate finishing touches result in a truly special jacket that will see you through life.  
Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket Lapel Detail
2. As part of our commitment to sustainable fashion, we choose to work with only the finest fabrics to make our jackets. Our fabrics are supplied by the world renowned Scabal, whose heritage English mill located in Huddersfield, England has existed since the 16th century.
Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket Scabal Label
3. Our jackets feature classic styling that can be dressed up or down. Medium sized notch lapels, kissing buttons, flap pockets and double vents.  
Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket Lapel detail
4. We offer our jackets in both a regular and slim cut. This along with lightly padded shoulders give the jacket a modern, clean cut.
Brown Superfine Hopsack Jacket Lining Pocket Detail

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