How To Fold A Pocket Square For A Wedding

With the wedding season fast approaching, your diary is probably full of rescheduled and new ceremonies to attend this year. To help with your wardrobe choices, we wanted to give you an insight into some of our favourite pocket square folds to use with your tailored jacket. 

In the short video below, as part of our YouTube Pocket Square Fold Series, Alex explores four classic pocket square folds that are perfect to use for a wedding. 

The first two folds we showcase are on the formal end of the scale, whilst the last two are slightly more casual. Giving you the option and choice of fold in your personal style. 


Within the video, we begin by using one of our favourite pocket squares, Goldfinch by William Lewin. To create the Flat Fold, start off by folding the square in half, then depending on the width of your square, continue to fold over and over until you reach the seam. Then half your pocket square in half, and half again by tucking underneath.

Now the fold is complete, you have the option of showing the border edging on display or the folded edge. Once happy with your fold, simply place into the pocket and adjust within your pocket until satisfied with the finish.  

Step 8


The next formal fold within the video is the timeless Puff Fold, shown using our Portrait Of Yada Gorosaemon Suketake Pocket Square

Start by pinching the silk pocket square in the middle, and then create a semi-circle shape with your thumb and index finger. Run your circle shape down the square fabric, stopping about a three-quarters of the way down. Stretch out the newly created ‘puff’ for slightly more volume, then simply tuck under the excess fabric. Place the completed Puff Fold square into the pocket and adjust until happy.

The Puff Fold


The next pocket square fold Alex explores is the Wave Fold, in which he uses our newly launch silk pocket square, Mount Corcoran.

The create the Wave Fold, begin by pinching two diagonally opposite corners of the pocket square, creating a nice even triangle shape. Next, fold the far right corner of your triangle shape over itself to create a smaller triangle shape, and then again, taking the far right hand corner. Once you have folded over itself twice, turn the pocket square over.

Use your index finger and place in the middle of your newly created triangle and fold one edge into the centre of the square. Turn the square over and complete the same exercise to create a kite shape. You should now see the wave at the top of the pocket square, tuck in the side and bottom corners of your ‘kite’ shape and that finishes the fold.

Place the pocket square into your jacket pocket and use your index finger to fan out and adjust the Wave Fold, until you get your desired look and finish.



The last pocket square featured in the video is The Colours, Advance Of The Scots Guards At The Alma Pocket Square, this time creating the flamboyant Reverse Puff Fold. 

The fold technique is very similar to the standard Puff Fold, and follows the same initial process. Firstly, pinch the square in the middle, and then create a semi-circle shape with your thumb and index finger. Run your circle shape down the square fabric, stopping about a three-quarters of the way down.

The difference in the Reverse Puff Fold is to now twist the bottom of the square and fold backwards on itself, creating the new fold. Finally, add the fold into your pocket square and adjust the points until happy. As this is an unstructured fold, it’s easy to amend and play with until you are completely satisfied.  

The Reverse Puff Fold Step 6

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What Makes Our Pocket Squares So Special?

1. We use the finest mulberry silk with our silk pocket squares and linings. The quality of the fabric can be seen in the texture and the level of detail and vibrancy of the finished product. All our silks are printed in Macclesfield, England, an area renowned for silk printing for the past 200 years.
2. We take the utmost care in printing our silk pocket squares and linings which results in truly remarkable levels of detail. Faces, objects and colours are sharp and well defined to give a truly stunning finish. We also take exceptional care with the colour bleed, so the print is almost as crisp on the back as it is on the front, allowing for an unlimited number of folds to a pocket square.
3. The art of hand rolling pocket squares is a unique craft and truly makes each piece individual and unique. We feel that the precision and care taken by our skilled artisans gives each square its own unique character, finish and feel. To create the finest rolled hems, the edge of the silk must be softy turned over with a handheld needle and then small stitches are inserted approximately one half to one centimetre apart around the edge, creating a supple yet prominent border.
4. We believe that 40cm is the minimum size for a high quality pocket square. Any smaller and it will slide down inside your pocket with any movement of your jacket, while it limits the number of folds you can achieve as there is not enough volume to hold it in place. It goes without saying we would never advocate any form of pocket square holder. All our pocket squares are either 42cm x 42cm or 40cm x 40cm.