How to Build Your Pocket Square Collection





In this guide, we will explore how to build your pocket square collection and highlight key considerations for choosing the right ones. 

The Versatility of Plain Pocket Squares

When starting your pocket square collection, it's wise to begin with a plain white square, with white linen squares being an excellent choice for their versatility and crisp appearance. They effortlessly complement any suit, jacket, shirt, or tie combination. For those new to wearing pocket squares, the simplicity of a white linen square provides an ideal starting point. The classic fold of a plain pocket square exudes timeless elegance.

Our Ivory Wool-Cashmere Blend Pocket Square, for example, offers a conservative yet textured option. Cream pocket squares are also versatile, but caution should be exercised when pairing them with white, as it can create an undesired contrast. Remember, quality is essential, so invest in well-made pocket squares that will stand the test of time.



Patterns for Style and Expression

Patterns inject personality and creativity into your pocket square collection. A good starting point is a classic repeat pattern, such as a Madder Pocket Square, which showcases different sections of the design depending on how it is folded and tucked into your pocket. Gold, blues, and reds are ideal colours that harmonise well with navy suits, charcoal suits, and most shirts. Rather than focusing on matching your tie, aim to complement it by picking out colours and contrasting textures.



Colours for a Diverse Pocket Square Wardrobe

While exploring pocket square colours, gold stands out as a useful option due to its vibrant appeal against warm and tweedy tones, it's also important to consider navy blue, a colour often overlooked for pocket squares. Navy can enhance the elegance of a mid-grey suit and a white shirt when paired with any tie.



The Art of Folding and Styling

Pocket squares are versatile accessories that offer numerous ways to showcase your personal style. Folding techniques remain consistent regardless of whether you're using a plain or patterned pocket square. However, the effect and outcome may differ based on the design. Experiment with different folds to highlight various parts of the pattern and achieve unique features. By playing with folds, you can create an array of striking looks, from flamboyant to conservative, ensuring your pocket square becomes a standout feature.

Hand-Stitched Edges

An exquisite detail to look for when selecting pocket squares is hand-stitched edges. Although often concealed, these intricate stitches demonstrate superior craftsmanship and offer a distinctive touch. These hand-stitched edges allow the pocket square to sit elegantly with the points up, adding visual interest to your attire.