How to Build a Tie Wardrobe

A well-curated tie wardrobe is essential to unlocking your sartorial potential. But where do you begin? In this guide, we'll uncover the essential ties needed to build a versatile collection. From classic designs to contemporary choices, we'll explore the must-have ties that every discerning gentleman should consider. 


The Essential Tie: Elegance and Versatility

The One Tie You Need

We've paired our Pearl & Navy Chequerboard Silk Twill Tie with our Goldfinch By William Lewin Pocket Square

When starting your collection, it's crucial to have a classic option, which can work especially well in formal occasions, such as weddings. A great starting point is a woven silk tie in a plain or monochromatic colour. This combination of silver and midnight blue is timeless and pairs exquisitely with a white shirt and a navy suit. This versatile tie is an excellent choice for job interviews, weddings, and other formal events, making it a solid foundation for your wardrobe.



The Power of Discreet Patterns: Business-Smart Ties for Every Occasion

Madder Silk Tie

We've paired our Claret & Navy Medallion Silk Twill Tie with our Kingfisher Silk Pocket Square

Another really useful tie to have, particularly if you need to wear them in a business environment, would be a printed tie with a discreet pattern. Opt for darker shades like muted dark reds, blues, or oranges to create a memorable yet understated look. These tones will work particularly well with white and blue shirts and navy and charcoal suits.

If you're starting with a limited tie collection, it's best to stick to darker colours and more muted shades, as they typically work with more outfit combinations. And while you've only got a few ties, you want to be less memorable; if you wear a particularly bright tie twice a week, people remember it. 



Embracing Versatility: The Knitted Tie

How to wear a knitted tie

We've paired a knitted tie with our Kingfisher Silk Pocket Square

A knitted tie, albeit unorthodox, works seamlessly across almost any outfit and occasion. It effortlessly complements both formal and casual attire, making it an indispensable addition to your tie collection.

Consider a solid navy knitted tie, a timeless choice that pairs elegantly with charcoal suits, shades of blue, and even tweeds. For those seeking a bolder look, explore black or charcoal grey knitted ties, both work well with blues and greens.

Another excellent property of the knitted tie is its ability to travel. Simply, roll the tie for packing, and it will emerge at the other end just as you packed it, so it's a good tie if you need to travel all the time.


Depth and Character: The Striped Tie

We've paired our Navy & White Striped Shantung Silk Tie with our Saint George and The Dragon By Rubens Pocket Square

Introducing stripes into your tie collection injects a dash of colour and a different pattern into your ensemble. Try a conservative combination, like navy and cream stripes, elevated by a luxurious shantung texture.

Notably, the direction of stripes varies between British and American styles. British ties typically start higher on the left and slope down, whereas American ties were deliberately made in the opposite direction starting high on the right and then going down to the left. 



Simplicity: The Classic Plain Tie

How to Style a Plain Tie

We've paired our Bottle Green Wool-Cashmere Tie with our Saint George and The Dragon By Tintoretto Pocket Square

It's always useful to have a plain tie in your wardrobe. Their simplicity allows them to effortlessly combine with various patterns and textures, making them incredibly versatile. A timeless example is the wool worsted tie, which offers a distinct texture compared to traditional silk ties. This choice exudes a more relaxed elegance, ideal for less formal occasions, and pairs well with a tweed jacket or a classic blazer. 



You now have the foundation for your perfect tie wardrobe. By starting with essential choices like a woven silk tie, a printed tie with discreet patterns, a knitted tie, a striped tie, and a classic plain tie, you've set the stage for timeless style. From this solid base, feel free to expand and explore ties that align with your personality and preferences. Remember, a well-chosen tie has the power to elevate any outfit, making you stand out with confidence and impeccable taste.