Christmas Gift Guide - Let Us Make Your Life Easier

With the advent season in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about those final gifts for your loved ones or significant others. Or perhaps you have left it a little later this year and need some quick and handy guidance? 

Below we explore some of our authentic delights on-site that would serve anyone as a perfect stocking filler or gift this Christmas. So be sure to place your orders by 15th December or 20th December for our UK customers to ensure Christmas delivery. 



There are many reasons and benefits to wearing a warm hat and gloves this winter, and both are considered winter wardrobe-essentials. Research shows that we lose approximately 50% of our body’s warmth through our heads, so having a suitable and comfortable hat is vital. In addition, if you wear appropriate winter accessories, it becomes easier for your body to regulate temperature so you can stay warm.

Fits Like a Glove
Your gloves need to perform two functions: trap warmth inside and stop your hands from getting exposed to the wind and cold. We lose a significant amount of heat from our hands, and when the temperatures drop, and the winds are bitter, they are one of the first areas to feel the cold. 


The classic British umbrella has been around for hundreds of years protecting people from both rain and shine. It was King Charles II's wife, the Portuguese Catherine of Braganza, who introduced the country to the brolly in the mid-1600s. In fact, the actual word umbrella comes from the Latin word of “umbra” which means shade or shadow. Umbrellas were originally intended to protect people from the sun, with evidence of this actually existing in the ancient art and artefacts of Egypt, Greece, China and Assyria. In terms of actual origins, the Chinese are credited with the use of umbrellas designed especially for protection from rain.

Superbly Constructed 
To make sure they are future-proof, our telescopic umbrellas are fitted with a steel shaft and a beautifully subtle yet superbly constructed accessory. In addition, we offer a variety of beautiful wooden handle styles and various canopy designs and colours. 


Sometimes it’s easier just to give money to loved ones if you cannot find the perfect present. However, the option of a gift card allows for some flexibility whilst being personalised and a thought-through gift choice.

A gift voucher shows you have thought about the shop or brand that a person likes and means the end-user can select what they genuinely want from the store. On the other hand, cash can feel cold or slightly transactional versus a gift-boxed voucher such as ours shown below.

The other main benefit of a gift voucher is that it’s not time-specific, so therefore it can be used at the ease and comfort of the receiver. For example, sometimes, people save up multiple gift vouchers to treat themselves to a more lavish item.

Shop: Rampley & Co Gift Voucher



Amongst our extensive range of smart tailoring and winter accessories on-site, you won’t go wrong finding the perfect menswear gift this season. Our hand-rolled silk pocket squares can add elegance to any jacket, whilst our cashmere scarves can provide the ultimate comfort across the colder months. 


Pocket Squares
Our pocket squares are designed and printed in Britain, and we only work with the finest fabrics such as 100% silk or wool. They are all hand-rolled to give each pocket square a high-quality finish.

The art of hand rolling pocket squares is a unique craft and truly makes each piece individual and unique. We feel that the precision and care taken by our skilled artisans gives each square its own unique character, finish and feel.

1. George Washington Pocket Square

A truly stunning silk pocket square that features an equestrian portrait of George Washington painted by John Faed. The cream and yellow tones make this a perfect addition to a navy blazer and it is of course an absolute essential for lovers of American history.

2. Gold, Sea Green And Maroon Persian Flower Paisley Pocket Square

Part of a wider collection, our Gold, Sea Green and Maroon Persian Flower Paisley Pocket Square is based on a sample pattern made for printed fabrics at Garratt Print Works in Wandsworth, London, about 1850, in the V&A's collection. In the mid-19th century, paisley shawls and fabrics became indispensable accessories for the fashionable Victorians. The rich jewel tones within the print make this square the perfect evening attire.

3. The Palace Guard Pocket Square

Featuring vibrant and rich black and gold colours, this pocket square of The Palace Guard works superbly with a darker tailored jacket. The guard in the present painting stands magisterially at the entrance to a royal sanctuary. 

Handmade Ties
All our ties are handmade in England by tie makers with decades of experience producing the finest ties. This ensures that each tie is entirely unique as well as being produced to an exceptionally high standard. This not only means the look and texture of the tie are superior, but also has give and flexibility so the knot ties better and it drapes nicely over your shirt.  

A handmade tie is generally made from quality fabrics, with the interlining selected for the particular fabric and fold construction. We carefully select our interlinings based on the individual fabric being used, which ensures the perfect balance of weight and movement to prevent creasing.

1. Navy & Grey Three Striped Wool Tie

A classic colour combination, this Navy & Grey Three Striped Wool Tie is handmade in England and made from 100% wool. With the stripes angled in the classic British fashion down from right to left, it is a classic stripe tie that works from formal to more relaxed occasions, This time is super versatile and will work with any grey or navy jacket choice.

2. Chestnut Brown Wool-Cashmere Tie

A founder favourite, this Chestnut Brown Wool-Cashmere blend tie is handmade in England and woven in the UK. The blend of wool and cashmere makes for a supremely soft finish to the tie, that will work particularly well with any navy jacket. 

3. Royal Blue & Navy Sporting Striped Tie

With a distinct style and school-like feel, this sporting striped tie is the perfect gift. Made from the famous Fox Brothers fabric which was established in 1772, this design is inspired by the Fox Brothers' archive of original Tonedale sporting stripes. Wear with a sky blue or navy jacket for a timeless heritage look.

Cashmere Scarves
Every unique cashmere scarf in our collection goes through 21 different processes before it is deemed perfect for sale. Each stage, from design to yarn spinning, weaving, finishing to final inspection, is carefully executed in its unique way to ensure that the design and quality are second to none.

1. Brown And Grey Double Sided Cashmere Scarf

This plain, doubled sided scarf offers two solid colours to wear with your outfit, either in a classic brown or timeless charcoal. With its brushed finish, the raised fibres will lift and add texture to any blazer, coat or jacket

2. Olive & Navy Tartan Blackwatch Cashmere Scarf

This scarf is the perfect colour blend of greens and navy in a heritage tartan check. The ripple finish adds an additional reason to buy and is created by using the seed heads of the teasel plant. This technique provides a luxurious lustre finish and soft handle in a process that is slightly more specialised than our brushed finish.

3. Camel Ribbed Cashmere Scarf

One of our personal favourites, the ribbed effect of this scarf means that the design and quality are second to none. In a classic neutral beige colour, this 100% cashmere scarf will suit any outfit, and can be paired with a matching hat and gloves.


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