Bespoke Jacket Linings with Leonard Logsdail

In the first in a series of videos about bespoke tailoring, we've spoken to renowned New York tailor Leonard Logsdail about jacket linings. In the video below, he touches on how linings have changed over time, and how working with our bespoke linings adds to the integrity of a jacket, creating something truly personal to the wearer.

Originally from London, Leonard took the skills he gained on Savile Row to New York, and has since gained a reputation as being one of the world's finest tailors. As well as creating beautiful suits and jackets for private clients, Leonard has also made a large number of suits for Hollywood films, including American Gangster, The Great Gatsby, and Bridge of Spies among many others. In addition to creating the suits, he has also made cameo appearances in The Wolf of Wall Street, Wall Street 2 and The Good Shepherd.

For more information around the construction of jackets, we've also created a guide to jacket linings which can be read here: Complete Guide to Jacket Linings. 

While our full linings collection can be seen here: Jacket Linings.

What Makes Our Jackets So Special?

Now that you know the rules of wearing a blazer with your jeans, you are free to explore our collection of made to order tailored jackets. As well as being constructed from fabric supplied by the world-renowned Scabal of Savile Row, what makes our jackets genuinely exceptional is the ability to select your choice of the lining (included in the total price). Your lining is not about being extravagant but ensuring you have something personal to you that lasts a lifetime. We have a large selection of jacket linings and offer a bespoke service should you want an authentic one-of-a-kind jacket.

Fit is also incredibly important to us, and so our tailored jackets are designed to look good across all body shapes, ensuring you always look and feel your best. We offer two fits, slim and regular, as well as allowing you to choose the perfect length to suit your torso and arms. We recommend you look at our comprehensive size guide, which gives a complete overview of the sizing should you wish to check against another jacket here: Jacket Size Guide.

Once you have purchased your jacket, one of our team will follow up with you instantly to double-check the details and answer any further questions. Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed, so you can be sure that you will be delivered a jacket that exceeds your expectations. 


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