A Simple Gift Guide For The Hardest Person To Buy For

The holiday season should be a joyous time of year, celebrating and exchanging gifts with loved ones. However, from our own experience, there is always that one person in your life who is extremely fussy or simply owns or purchases everything they want themselves.

A recent survey found that 35% of people think their significant other is the most complex person to shop for. Meanwhile, 24% find their parents the toughest, while 17% have the most trouble buying for the in-laws. All common but essential family members to get right this Christmas.

Below is our simple gift guide to help you find the perfect present this festive season...


It’s not an unusual statement to claim that all men have a navy jacket of some kind in their wardrobe? The classic menswear staple item is needed in many of life’s occasions, whether it is office attire or a casual dinner setting. Therefore, a straightforward gift to purchase this season could be a statement handmade tie or silk pocket square to add to their sartorial suite.

Below we show you four accessory options on-site that are more than suitable to pair with any navy jacket as the perfect gift.

Silk Pocket Square

A highlight or pop of colour running through your pocket square can really add a touch of finesse and class to your navy suit outfit. Ensure you capture tones that compliment the navy colour, but don't be afraid of a print or pattern.

Portrait Of Kansake Yagoro Noriyasu Pocket Square
This is a rich and detailed pocket square with a strong history of Ukiyo-e genre. This pocket square depicts a samurai named as Kansake Yagoro Noriyasu, and was made by Utagawa Kuniyoshi. He is represented fighting, although no other samurai is depicted. Samurais were not only fighters, but also intellectuals, poets, or philosophers. The gold fine border and prominent dark grey spacing will suit any navy jacket.

Blue Jay By John Gould Pocket Square
John Gould was an English ornithologist and is widely held to be the father of ornithology in Australia. The mixtures of blue tones with a hint of gold highlighter make this pocket square rich in colour and class. The 
complimentary colour palette of this square means that when folded, the silk on show will have elements of cream and blue, pairing perfectly with a navy jacket.


To view our full collection click here: Silk Pocket Squares

Merino Wool Handmade Tie

Navy is a very versatile colour meaning you can play with a variation of ties to pair with any jacket. You can play it safe with a navy suit red tie combination or be a little more adventurous with some pattern. In terms of colours, grey and navy blend perfectly and are suitable for business attire, while tonal dark blues work well for wedding occasions.

Chestnut Brown Wool-Cashmere blend tie 
Brown seems to be the trend colour of the sartorial season, with its warm tones and versatile use, we think this will be one of our best sellers. The blend of wool and cashmere makes for a supremely soft finish to the tie, that will work particularly well with any navy jacket. 

Grey Pinstripe Merino Wool Tie
This Grey Pinstripe Merino Wool tie is entirely handmade in England using fabric from the world-renowned Fox Brothers & Co. Featuring a grey base with an extra wide spaced stripe, this tie will pair well with any navy blue jacket or blazer.


To view our full collection click here: Handmade Tie Collection.


If you are looking for an exquisite stocking filler to compliment a larger gift item, we have plenty of options available to suit any gentleman's need. Below we call out our five perfect pairings this year to get your creative juices flowing. 

1. Telescopic Umbrellas 

Our telescopic umbrellas are fitted with a steel shaft and are a beautifully subtle yet superbly well constructed accessory to make the perfect gift, especially if you live in rainy climates. We offer a variety of beautiful wooden handle styles as well as various canopy designs and colours.

handmade umbrella

2. Merino Socks

Always a safe bet, our Merino Wool Socks, manufactured in England, are incredibly soft, being made from the highest quality worsted Merino wool. The wool-nylon blend vastly improves their durability, while the toe is hand-linked to provide a virtually seamless toe. Mix and match colours to create the perfect stocking filler.


3. Wool Fabric Notebooks

The new year brings the best time for a clean slate. This includes new stationary and notebooks for work or general thought thinking. Our beautiful notebooks are covered in an array of Merino Wool fabric from the world-renowned Fox Brothers & Co. Our use of such a unique and high-quality fabric to cover our notebooks truly make them statement pieces.

merino wool notebook

4. Check Cashmere Scarf

There is nothing quite as luxurious as the feel of a cashmere scarf in the cooler months. Our collection is incredibly soft, and the 100% cashmere fabric is woven and made in the North of England at mills that can trace their history back over 250 years. Featuring checks across Black watch, Prince of Wales and houndstooth, a luxurious cashmere check scarf could be the perfect winter gift.

5. Cashmere Beanie Hat & Gloves

There is nothing quite as luxurious as the feel of a cashmere beanie hat or glove in the cooler months to keep you warm. We have just launched our incredibly soft, 100% cashmere beanie hat and gloves collection, which is knitted using the highest quality cashmere and made in the North of England.


Sometimes we just need a little expert guidance to steer us in the right direction when it comes to gift-hunting. Therefore, we have curated some of our founders favourite small accessory items on-site, which would compliment any outfit.