Suit Pocket Squares - Our Favourite Combinations

A pocket square can make a tired, lacklustre outfit come to life by simply adding a bold splash of colour or by adding depth to the outfit with an interesting pattern. Given the vast and plentiful looks on offer when experimenting with suits and pockets squares we also like playing around with various pocket square folds to really add character and personal style to embellish any outfit

The fold of your pocket square can give a lot a way and it is often suggested that inserting a wrapping a pocket square around a piece of card will stop the material from slipping into the breast pocket, however Rampley and Co. pocket squares are cut to a size to allow the material to sit comfortably in the pocket rendering suit pocket square cards useless.

When it comes to matching suit and pocket square etiquette, it important to know which colour combinations are a hit and which ones to avoid. For charcoal grey suits, a darker grey tie combined with a white pocket square in a flat fold is a winning look. This can be seen on the red carpet by the likes of Daniel Craig and Nicholas Hoult.

Grey suit handkerchief
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Navy suits have become rather trendy the last few seasons and we like how they not only flatter the figure, but how they are also very easy to pair with a playful pocket square.  

We like pairing ours with burgundy and mustard hues, however you can really experiment with print and pattern here. Taking style tips from one our red carpet favourites Eddie Redmayne, he likes to pair his navy suits with tartan, skull, and floral pocket squares so this is a real opportunity to be brave and experiment. Folds which work particularly well with more patterned pocket squares are the Dunaway Fold and the three point fold, but keep in mind, if you’re also wearing a tie, to keep it plain and less vibrant.

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A brown suit sounds more dated and are less common to find but they are in fact an adaptable piece that will carry you from day to night. We like to combine the look with cool shades of blue, perhaps a patterned blue check pocket square in one point fold to refresh an outfit or even a polka dot print in a royal blue in a puff fold to be more bold and courageous. The brown suit is a gracious nod to styles of the past and we think this vintage look is a fantastic addition to a gentlemen’s wardrobe.

For those of us who are more experimental and opt for light pastel coloured suits suitable for summer months, we recommend sticking with a white cotton pocket square. It will look less ostentatious and tone down and outfit and add a touch of formality. To be honest you’re being daring enough already, who needs to attract more attention by wearing a pretentious pocket square.

See our video below for why we believe we create the world's best pocket squares. You can view our full range here: Pocket Square Collection.