Sports Coat vs Blazer

In part 7 of our menswear tailoring series above, we look at the subtle distinctions when choosing between a sports coat versus a blazer. Both styles are an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe, but it can often be difficult to determine which is the best option for the occasion.

For smart men’s casual wear, the blazer is the perfect addition to any outfit. Consider a sports coat more like a sporting jacket; they are perfect for occasions where you need a more robust and versatile jacket. Both a sports coat and blazer are less tailored than a suit jacket, but are great pieces to own due to their adaptability and how they can be worn on their own without the need for a matching pair of trousers.

A sports coat is typically constructed from thicker heavier fibres such as tweed or corduroy making them more durable and ideal for wearing outdoors. Traditionally worn for hunting and shooting, tweed sporting coats provided perfect camouflage amongst foliage and greenery as well warmth and protection from unpredictable British weather conditions. Nowadays a tweed or corduroy sports jacket looks elegant dressed down with denim, due to the equally versatile nature of denim.

Men’s blazers can be found in a variety of styles, single breasted or double, and an even larger variety of colours and materials. We believe however, a navy cotton blazer is a failsafe option that looks excellent paired with light beige cotton trousers or chinos.

A single breasted blazer with gold metal buttons looks sophisticated for business casual events, however for the trend conscious, the recent revival of double breasted tailoring means that one can find a flattering double breasted blazer that is more fitted than the traditional boxy cut.  We suggest staying away from flash, shiny buttons when experimenting with double breasted looks and opt for more neutral buttons, especially in business environments.

More recently, patterned blazers have appeared on menswear runways in past seasons, and whilst they can often be seen as slightly ostentatious, they are certainly bold and daring. They are the perfect opportunity to express your exuberant charm and personality, which can often be lost in traditional, tailored offerings. An alternative to chequered tweeds and striped corduroys is printed florals and geometrics paired with simple trousers or plain chinos.

Most importantly, when selecting a blazer or sports jacket it is the overall fit of the jacket that is key. For more insights into tailoring, see our full tailoring video series in association with Savile Row tailors the Cad & The Dandy.