Christmas Gift Ideas For Men

ROK Espresso Maker

Coffee purists will love the sleek design of this man powered espresso machine. Using no electricity and no coffee pods, this eco-friendly machine allows users to select their own coffee and adjust the pressure and water temperature to create their ideal smooth, fragrant espresso.  

£149 available from Selfridges on the following link: ROK Espresso Maker



Balls of Steel

For whisky lovers, there’s nothing worse than a fine aged whisky slowing losing its fine aromas as the ice slowly dilutes the amber liquor into a pallid, watery mess. Balls of Steel, stainless steel drinks balls will keep your drink chilled for over an hour without affecting the contents of your glass.  

£18.99 available from The Fowndry on the following link: Balls of Steel



Carry On Cocktail

Kit For those who appreciate a mid flight tipple but do not have the luxury of a first class ticket, the Carry On Cocktail Kit provides the perfect solution, The kit contains ingredients needed to make an Old Fashioned (Gin and Tonic and Moscow Mule options also available) so all you need to get your hands on is the hard liquor. 

£25, available from Design 55 on the following link: Carry On Cocktail Kit


Murdock’ s Marvellous Beard and Moustache Box 

For the bearded gentlemen, Murdock’s’ Marvellous Beard and Moustache Kit caters for all their grooming needs. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to maintain and style a marvellous beard why not give them a helping hand?

£80 available from Murdock London on the following link: Murdock's Marvellous Beard and Moustache Box


Aspinall Boston 

Frequent travellers will appreciate this handmade duffel leather bag crafted from the softest calfskin with a unique pebbled texture. No aspiring gentlemen should be seen without a stylish travel companion, to make yours stand out from the rest, your bag can be personalised with embossed initials on the luggage tag.

£595 available from Aspinall Boston on the following link: Aspinall Boston


Rampley & Co Pocket Square 

Our fabulous pocket squares are a perfect addition to a gentleman’s wardrobe such as this Canaletto, which will look great for upcoming festive and new years celebrations. 100% silk and printed in the Britain they come beautifully packaged. 

£69 from Rampley & Co. See our full range of pocket squares here: Rampley & Co Pocket Squares