Harris Tweed Accessories For Autumn/Winter

As the season turns towards winter and thicker fabrics are put into play, it’s time to opt for some trend-worthy accessories for Autumn/Winter.

Tweed has always been a token classic for menswear, taking inspiration from the vast country life of a Scottish Gentleman to the rebellious 80’s punk. Due to its thick and rugged texture, tweed remains a favourite style staple for the colder months and is one of the most versatile fabrics in menswear. Pair tweed with virtually any colour or fabric, here we’ll run through the best tweed styling options for autumn/winter:

Twill – An unpatterned and simple weave with a subtle mottle effect. Orange, navy and bottle green are key colours for next season so pair a solid coloured pocket square with a plain blazer and a base colour polo neck to keep you warm. Twill pocket squares also look great when matched with the same coloured socks and either burgundy or whiskey brogues.

Overcheck Twill – Traditional twill with a large check design overlaid in a contrasting colour. The classic check is usually seen in earth tones such as brown, burgundy and red. In some cases grey, navy and monochrome are used which are in-keeping with one of next season’s biggest trends; the monochrome look. A large check design should be paired with pattern-less designs unless you’re brave enough to try the clashing look with an overcheck blazer in a different colour – never matching.

Overchecked Twill
Image source: trendenciashombre.com

Plain Herringbone Tweed – Herringbone tweed consists of alternate parallel lines creating a ‘V’ shape, this is usually in a monochrome palette. This tweed perfectly blends with a classic black blazer and white shirt combination.

Striped Tweed – Striped tweeds include a distinctive pattern of vertical lines to create stripes of various sizes. Usually seen in earth tones, highland tweed can be juxtaposed against bright pop tones or subtly reflected in a neutral palette.

Houndstooth Tweed – Houndstooth uses a large broken checked pattern using pointed shapes instead of squares, said to resemble the back teeth of a dog. Much like the herringbone tweed, houndstooth is usually seen in a monochrome palette but has been seen updated with a large overcheck design and in pop colours by a few menswear designers. Depending on what colour or style you go for, houndstooth is the more eclectic mix of tweed.

Houndstooth Tweed
Image Source: styleforum.net

Checked Tweed – A small square check which may be enhanced by a larger overcheck in a third colour. Because of this micro-pattern, it’s best to anchor the third colour and match that with your shirt for an all-over styled look. Micro-patterns should also stay away from larger prints.

Tartan Tweed – Any tartan can also be woven in tweed fabric. The characteristic uneven textire of Harris Tweed in particular wonderfully evokes authentic vintage tartans. Tartan being the most obvious tweed reference is therefor versatile for any formal or casual occasion. Formal being paired with an all-over base coloured three-piece suit, or a tweed pocket square to lift a casual outfit such as a cream blazer and denim shirt paired with boating shoes.

As woven fabrics are quite stiff, it’s always best to fold a tweed pocket square in a basic square or triangle fold, which makes styling options a lot easier.

Sufiyeh Hadian
Fashion & Lifestyle Writer