The Wallace Collection Partnership

We're very pleased to announce a partnership in collaboration with the Wallace Collection in London, featuring two paintings and a design featuring a collection of rifles and pistols on display. These squares feature rich colours and intricate designs which offer great variations and colour combinations with folded in your jacket pocket.

Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock, Jan Weenix, 1700-1710, Wallace Collection London 2015

Flowers On A Fountain With A Peacock

This extravagant, indulgent scene with its rich, intense colours and textures celebrates the rise of the Dutch Golden Age in the 18th Century. Weenix’s painting are renowned for their subjects that often feature dead game and scenes of the hunt, but in this scene, the still life explores the wonders of architecture and the abundance of nature.

The dramatic style of the painting reflects the demand for large still life and landscape paintings that were popular at the turn of the century. The painting is one of thirteen by Weenix that can be found at the Wallace Collection, the theatrical use of lighting and highly decorative style makes it the perfect accessory to sit in your breast pocket.

The varied tones and textures in this pocket square will be a stand out piece in your pocket square collection. Try being more bold and experimental by wearing it in a puff fold or the dunaway fold paired with a velvet blazer.

You can view the product here: Flowers on a Fountain with a Peacock


The Lion Scene, Horace Vernet, 1836, Wallace Collection, London 2015

The Lion Scene

Charmed by the wonders of Arabian Culture, Vernet visited Algeria multiple times after the French takeover, during the mid 19th century, and this scene was captured on his first visit in 1933. The violent painting features a battle between man and creature, fighting over 2 lion cubs that can be seen in the top left of the painting.  Fascinated by the exotic and Bedouin lifestyle, he admired their decorative costumes and customs, however criticises their lack of civilised development due to their animalistic and barbaric nature. Western audiences were captivated and enthralled by the unusual subjects and Orientalism became a defining feature in Vernet’s work.

This exciting battle scene is the perfect accessory to liven up a standard three-piece suit, we recommend folding in a three point fold or a double point roll to show off its best features.

You can view the product on the following link: The Lion Scene

Rifles Of The Wallace Collection

Rifles Of The Wallace Collection

Taking some of the finest rifles and pistols that make up the many thousands of pieces in the armoury collection, this pocket square offers something a bit special. Both the rifles and pistols have intricate designs on the handles which provide a wide variety of patterns and colours when folded in the pocket. The design of the border is an enlarged version of the design on the barrel of the rifle second from bottom, while the corner pieces are taken from the pistol handle on the right hand side. 

You can view the product on the following link: Rifles Of The Wallace Collection