Bespoke Women’s Scarves


Renowned for the quality of our printed silk, we now offer the opportunity to produce a fully bespoke scarf on behalf of a client. We can produce an entirely bespoke design based on your requirements and can print at any size with a variety of fabrics and finishes included expertly hand rolled edges as well as fraying and tasselling.

We strive to produce the perfect product and so ensure that we work with the finest printers and craftsmen, expertly paying attention to every detail. Whether it be the size of the scarf produced, the quality of the hand rolling or the weight of material to ensure the perfect ink penetration, we feel we’ve addressed every detail to produce the perfect finished product.

Faberge Scarf

We were very pleased to collaborate with Faberge to create a women's scarf to celebrate the history and prestige of the world-renowned brand founded in 1842. Designed by Gary McQueen, this stunning work brings to life some of the traditional design tenants of the brand.

Faberge Scarf
Faberge Women's Scarf

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The Annuciation, With Saint Emidius by Crivelli, as Displayed in The National Gallery